Friday, May 20, 2011

The Schwartz's vs "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

I've decided I'm a bit of a fuddy-duddy parent compared to other parents I know.  I often choose sanity over "enriching" events for Sarah, with one exception: free box seats.  I would never have paid for tickets to take Sarah to Disney on Ice last year when she was only 9 months old.  Just like we wouldn't have gone to Disney for Sarah's 1st birthday if it wasn't because of my wonderful Aunt Sarah who works for Disney and because we were already planning on going to visit my grandparents for Christmas in FL.  I guess my theory is she's not going to remember these events anyway so why pay for them.  But if they are free, eh, why not.  However, they do have to be box seats for sit down events before the free rule applies.  I realize that sounds pretty snobby, but only to those of you who've never had to wrestle a small child for an extended period in a seat while at an event that they don't care anything about.  (Think church people!  At our church we worship as a family, so while other churches send their kids off to nursery for the service we all, every Sunday, pack a ton of things into diaper bags to entertain our children, find creative ways of getting them not to leave the pew, and await the envitiable melt down.)  That's why box seats are crucial.  It gives you an enclosed space to let the child run around and play when they need a break from watching the event.  There's usually a mini fridge in there so you can pack your own meal for the kid and a table where they can eat it at.  It's ideal.  So when some friends of ours, the Brooks, posted that they had extra tickets to their company suite at the Redbirds game that had fireworks afterwards we were all over that.  I was a little nervous that they'd regret inviting us, but I think Sarah did a pretty good job.  
Sarah enjoyed sitting with Mrs. Tina and watching the ball game in between breaks of going into the suite to play catch with the boys.  Roo was so adorable playing with Sarah.  It looked more like a game of fetch then catch.  He'd roll the ball and tell Sarah, "Go get it" and she toddle off and then throw it back to him as best as she could.
When she needed a little break Mrs. Tina took her for a walk around the club level and snapped this picture just to prove that she could get Sarah to not only look at the camera but smile because she's a Mimi.  Getting Sarah to look at the camera has been the bane of my motherhood existence for the past 6 months.
Since the game was going to go late and there were fireworks after we packed Sarah's pj's.  I (don't know what I was thinking) actually thought Sarah might get so tired she could fall asleep for a few innings so we put her in them when she started rubbing her eyes.  But she didn't sleep.  She just got squirmy.  Also, like my hair bow storage system.  When she finds her hair bow and pulls it out I put it in my hair until I get back to the diaper bag.  So please don't think I always have giant flower hair bows in my hair.

It usually takes about 20 minutes after the game to get the firework show set up, so during that time we went into the suite and Sarah colored.  We were worried how she'd handle the fireworks.  The last time we saw some was the 4th of July last year when she was only 6.5 months old and she did fine.  But I know at some point a lot of kids get scared of them because they are so loud or what have you.  However, Sarah was a little champ.  We made sure to clap and say wow a lot so she wouldn't get scared of them.  She really enjoyed it and even started pointing to them and then start clapping on her own.
So all in all it was a great night.  And hopefully next time the Brooks score some extra sweet suite seats they'll invite us again.

And for others who read this blog...who might have box seat hook ups and feel the need to share with their wonderful friends and YW hum, Annie....Buble tickets would be real nice.  I'm just sayin'.  =)


  1. Okay. Officially a box seat snob now, too.

  2. I'm impressed by how you use your blog to solicit free stuff, and yet I still want to read it. Nice job.