Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Mom's Score Card

Fail: Can't keep clothes on Sarah
Win: At least she has a hair bow in!

Win: Sarah's finally looking at the camera and smiling for a picture.
Fail: She's not wearing a onesie so I can't use this picture for much and will probably have to take it off the blog in about a week because of the sketchy people in the world who search for inappropriate things. (By the way, I'm thinking about making this blog private because of said sketchy people...will let you know.)

Win: Sarah's vocabulary is really taking off.
Fail: The newest and most often heard words in my house now are "show", "watch", and "Pat-pat" (Her word for Little Einsteins.)

Win: She loves it when she sees animals and points them out and tells you what they are and what they say.
Fail: Her excited face could also be construed as sheer terror.  
(She's pointing at a dog and yelling "puppy" and "ruff ruff" in this picture.  What you can't tell?)

Fail:  Most of Sarah's pj's are still 9 months and she doesn't really fit into them.
Win: Grandma Schwartz recently put Sarah in her pjs saw that I keep cramming my child into outfits that are too small for her and bought her this ADORABLE pair of pjs.  Thanks Grandma!

Win: I'm absolutely head over heels in love with this little munchkin.  


  1. I can see why! She is sooo cute!

  2. Win: Sarah seems to be very good at sharing.
    Fail: Who wants Kix or dried apples?