Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the Big Reveal

Since I spent most of my time hiding Sarah's pregnancy, we never did fun things to announce different highlights.  At our 11 week check up when we first heard her heart beat I simply called my mom and told her to cancel her plans for mom and dad to go to FL for Christmas.  When we found out the gender I had a pink floral arrangement sent to my mom with a card that said "Can't wait to meet you, Love Sarah Irene."  We gave Chris's mom a pink charm for her pandora bracelet; she didn't get it and Dennis had to explain it to her.  But really that was about it.

This time around we're really trying to enjoy announcing things and coming up with creative ways to share the news.  Again, we wait until 12 weeks before we tell family and friends.  And this time we sent out cute cards that had the same picture and poem as the announcement I put up on the blog.  Then to tell everyone at church we just had Sarah wear her Big Sis dress to church.  It was pretty funny to see someone notice what it said on their row and then nudge the news down the aisle.  I really fought back the sarcasm when people would ask "are you trying to tell us something" because I wanted to say, "No this is just an ET hand me down and it was the only thing clean in the closet."

For the big gender reveal I took an idea I saw on someone else's blog and made it bigger.  They apparently took the slip saying what the baby was into a cupcake boutique and had them decorate a cupcake to announce what it was.  Then they cut into the cupcake in front of their family so everyone found out together.  Likewise, my sister in law did the same thing for H #4, and waited until the big family gathering to find out (minus the cupcake, they let H #1 read the slip of paper).  But I'm too anal retentive to wait to find out with a group of people.  Plus, this is something special for Chris and I to share and be excited about first, so we always plan to find out together in the ultrasound room.  But that doesn't mean I won't come up with creative ways to torture everyone else.  So this round I baked a fun-fetti cake and made my own butter cream icing (a first for me) and dyed some of it blue and put it in the middle.  Then I took the rest of the white icing and iced the cake making sure to completely cover so there was no blue peaking through.  Since I had some left over icing I dyed it pink and blue and faux piped it onto the cake (I used a ziplock bag that I cut a hole in.)  The cake isn't pretty, but I'm not a professional and have never taken a single class (though that's on my bucket list).

Since it was Dennis's birthday he got to do the honors and cut the cake.  (Fun fact, Chris's dad and my mom have the same birthday.  Chris's mom and my dad's birthday are only a week apart.)

I believe I heard a little criticism about there being a ton of frosting in the middle, but that was for the benefit of Vickie.  I didn't want there to be any confusion this time.  And I wanted it to be obvious for pictures.  

I really liked the cake idea.  It was fun to make and yummy to eat.  Plus it entertained me to listen to pleas of having cake before dinner.  And the waiting in between the meal and an appropriate time for desert to cut the cake and find out what it was.  However, after you know what you're having it is extremely difficult to not use pronouns, so if you're going to do this I recommend you scheduling the party for the evening of the ultrasound or the next day and not talk to ANYONE in between lest you drive yourself crazy trying to make sure you don't give anything away.  

Daddy's very proud that it's a boy.  I think this big grin while he eats his blue icing filled cake says it all.  Plus he subconsciously wore a blue shirt that day.

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  1. The cake idea is so cool it ALMOST makes me want another baby. Almost. Instead I'll just make the cake!