Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the 17 Month Old

Sarah you are 17 months old now and it seems like over night you became a big girl!

* You're wearing size 4 diapers, size 4 (some 5) shoes, and 18 month clothes.
* Your I-teeth are still coming in.  They've been taking a while, but all 4 are showing above the skin.  We've had to get the teething rings back out and keep them in the fridge for you recently since you feel the need to gnaw on anything and everything.
* You've started to dance to music and I must admit you've got my dancing skills.  
* You talk a lot more.  I can't really think of any new words except bye bye which you now say instead of just wave.  We are really working on "yes" and "thank you" right now.
* You love to color!  When you see your crayons out on the desk you say "color, color please".  Daddy loves to color with you because it's one of his favorite things to do. 
* I love to watch you walk around.  It's so cute, and I know you've been walking for a while now but I still find it adorable.
* Your shoe obsession is growing.  The only way to get you in your room to get dressed is to ask if you want to put shoes on.  You'll go to the closet and pick a pair out.  You'll also put your shoes back in the closet at the end of the day.  You like to find my shoes and put them on or bring them to me for me to wear.  And today while we were in the car you were pointing at your doll's feet and saying "shoes".  Your shoe obsession came in quite handy the other day at Costco when you shoe popped off as I was getting you out of the basket.  I didn't know it had come off but you started screaming "SHOE!!! SHOE!!!! and pointing, so I turned and saw you shoe on the ground.  
* You have recently discovered how to turn circles.  Very cute!
* You are still a social butterfly and live to wave and say "hi" to everyone as well as "bu-bye" when we leave.  However, you are shy and clingy in large crowds like the school music concert we went to.
* You are an excellent helper and like to bring me the phone when it's ringing and hang it up when I'm done.  If you find that I've left the phone out, you'll pick it up and go put it on the hook.  
* You help clean up your toys for the most part sometimes with more coaching than others.  You've also started singing the clean up song.
* You spot airplanes in the sky and point them out and like to watch them.  You also recognize the sound of a train coming when we are outside.  I can't tell if you get excited of scared about the train though because as you hear it approaching you run around with a big open mouth smile but as soon as it blows it's horn you jump into the closest person's arms.
* You're still a very good eater for the most part.  However there are meals where you don't want to eat anything except "cookies" which are actually kix, or bread.  We don't really fight with you about food.  You eat what we give you or don't and go hungry until the next meal.  We always give you a fork to use and sometimes you do, other times you run it through your hair like a comb.  However, we're working on spoon use.  Daddy has to be the one to help with that because it drives mommy nuts.
* I'm finally ready to officially say "momma" means me to you.  I never wanted to be one of those parents that claims you are saying mom when you were just babbling.  And for a while, it seemed like momma was a curse word to you because you only said it when you were angry.  But now you point at me and say momma, or when I walk in your room you say "hi momma!".  (You've been saying daddy for a while now.)
* You seem to have a very active imagination and love to play with baby dolls and your little people.  It's funny to watch you play with your little people.  Quite often you take the mommy doll and put her on the potty and then she starts the laundry.  I think you have my morning routine memorized.  =)  You also like for them to ring the door bell and come through the front door.  If I'm playing with you and have a little person ring the front door you bring a character to come answer it.  
* You LOVE your baby dolls, especially baby Belle.  Sometimes you use her to communicate with me.  I was sending some emails and doing some work one morning which made breakfast a little late.  I guess the whining you were doing wasn't getting the point that you were hungry across so you went to your room, got Belle, put her in your high chair and then pretended to feed her.  I got the message and stopped what I was doing and got your breakfast ready.
* You enjoy sitting in your rocking chair now to watch your shows.  (Speaking of which, I think you watch a little too much tv since you now say the words "watch show" and "pat-pat, please".)  Daddy lets you watch more tv than mom.
* Your favorite game right now is peek-a-boo.  You'll cover your eyes and then smile real big.  In the bath tub you'll use the curtain to hide behind.  And you also like to play "where did it go".  You like to put cups over your feet and then hold your hands up and say "where did it go" and then take the cup off and say "there it is".  
* You also like to stand on your head.  You think it's hilarious and giggle!

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