Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the Teethin' Heathen

Don't let this adorable face fool you.  She has not looked or acted so pleasant the past week and a few days.  I know I say this every time, but seriously, this round of teething has to be the worst!  

Sarah you cut teeth at a pretty young age.  I think your first teeth started coming in around 3 or 4 months.  And like most children you do get them in pairs.  (Your bottom 2 came in together, then 2 on the top came in together, then 2 more on the top came in together, and so on.)  So we're use to you cutting multiple teeth at once.  I thought the molars were the worst because of how big they were and how slow they moved.  It took a few weeks before they were completely out.  But your i-teeth, or canines, or whatever you call them have made me want to reach in and pull them down for you.  You are getting all 4 at once and they seem to be moving slower then the molars.  They're not quite out yet and your gums are pretty red and swollen so I hope they will pop out soon.  Unfortunately this round of teething has given you all the symptoms that we've avoided every other round.  You had the crazy acid poo which gave you awful diaper rash.  You've had the fever, and the snotty nose that turns in to drainage when (and if) you sleep that gives you the 2 packs a day smoker cough.  You are back to chewing on anything you can get your mouth on which has led to some pretty funny things.  Your gums must itch because you've been chewing on the corner of your bath tub book putting it right where those teeth should be.  I've also seen you chewing on you baby Belle's hand in a manner that looks like you're trying to scratch your teeth with it.  

There are times when the pain is awful and you start crying for no reason (other than that) and come sit in my lap and lay your head on my shoulder.  The other day when daddy was feeding you dinner, you were eating lima beans and just started crying.  It breaks my heart to see you in such pain, but thankfully motrin works well on you.  Unfortunately it does take a little while to kick in so I just apologize and tell you the pain will go away soon.  I think you understand the motrin makes you feel better because you willing take it and sometimes when I've seen you chewing excessively you point at it up on the counter like you're asking for it.  

I hope these come out soon, but I've got bad news for you baby girl you still have your two year old molars you're going to cut and based off your trend of cutting early I'd bet they'll start coming in when you're around 18-20 months old.

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