Monday, April 4, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the New Car

Make room in the garage Saab, the Schwartz's have replaced you as the new car in that spot.  Thankfully, this is a sporty one seater so there was plenty of room to add it in the garage with our two cars we already have.  I know, can you believe how lucky we are...a 3 car family!  And this one we were able to buy outright, paid cash even!  Actually, I'll tell you a secret, we bought it on Craig's List for a fraction of the cost.  And since it was so cheap, we decided it was ok to go ahead and buy Sarah a car!

It still needs some work done.  I'm going to get out the handy dandy Cricut and personalize it a bit for her with some vinyl flowers and her name on the door.  But she loves it!  Of course, the day after we finally put it together (it's been sitting up in our attic for 11 months) the weather snapped back down into the 50s and it was grounded to the garage for a week. 
So when the weather finally was nice again this weekend, she squealed with delight when I got her car out again!  She mostly goes backwards for now, and turns circles.  And a lot of the time she just likes to sit in it and open and close the door but it's about the cutest thing ever.

This weekend while the weather was nice, Chris built Sarah's Easter present from Grandma and Grandpa Smith.  Of course that means that the weather snapped back to being cold and gross and we had tornado warnings for most of the day.  Plus, the pictures I took didn't turn out so we'll have to wait until next weekend when the weather is good to show you what she got.  

But for now, here's a video of Sarah's maiden car voyage:


  1. People have told me how creative you are with the videos you do!

  2. Awesome video. My question is this:

    Will there be video of baby #2 driving the car when the time comes?

    As a second child, I'll be watching.