Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Southern Shamrock Shake Education

I have come to the recent realization that though to me Shamrock Shake is synonymous with the St. Patty's season, that some of my fellow Southern cohorts, even those older than the 15 year olds at McDonald's have no idea what I'm talking about.

Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to neglect my adorable daughter by letting her watch extra cartoons this morning to do a public service announcement to educate you about this delicious seasonal treat.

The Shamrock shake was launched in the 1970's born in the city of Brotherly Love.  That's right, the original home of the shamrock shake is none other than Philadelphia.  And has grown in popularity and purpose because of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Fred Hill, the Eagle's tight end, had a 3 year old daughter that was being treated for leukemia. As he sat there camped out for many hours on hospital benches with his family and other families he started to think there has to be a better way.  He rallied his team to find a way to raise the funds to find nicer accommodations for all the families who traveled so far to get treatment for their kids.  The general manager took it one step further and teamed up with Dr. Evans who had ideas to create a home for these families to stay at.  So the general manager contacted someone at McDonalds and asked what the next promotion was.  It just so happened to be a new St. Patrick's Day treat, the green shamrock shake.  Since the Eagle's team color is green the marriage was perfect!  And so, McDonald's and the Eagles launched the promotion with proceeds going to cause.  From this, they were able to buy a 4 story, 7 bedroom home that opened to families of the patients.  And that was the first Ronald McDonald house.

So now you know, the Shamrock Shake is not only delicious, but benevolent too.  (Though I'm not sure if the proceeds still go to the Ronald McDonald houses.)

And yes, I was finally able to enjoy one this season!  My parents who live in Pine Bluff, AR some how managed to be lucky enough to be apart of the limited release.

Information about the Shamrock Shake's history can be found here.


  1. Have I mentioned I'm from Philadelphia? And an Eagles fan? So, really, you can go ahead and thank me for that Shamrock Shake!

  2. Does that mean you might have some pull and get them here?