Friday, March 11, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the Parrot

Well from walking to talking it seems like Sarah is finally starting to grow up.  From previous posts, you know she loves to do her unintelligible chatter, but she's never really been into learning how to sign or repeating what we say.  I tried to teach her the sign for more one day when she was begging for some of my yogurt and instead she invented her own sign for it.  She'd point at the yogurt and then herself and if I didn't give it to her she'd do it again only faster, harder, and with an angry look that said "Woman, you know what I want give me that yogurt!"

So hearing her try to say things like "up" and "down" and "cup" and "please" are very cute.  They don't sound anything like the actual word, but I'm trying to give her some credit.  Last night at dinner we thought she said her first intelligible real and used correctly word (but after hearing her use it a lot this morning I'm pretty sure it still has no meaning to her).  As she pitched her spoon across the room during dinner she said "Uh Oh".  Chris looks at me.  And I started telling him I have no idea where she learned that.  I don't say uh oh.  I'm not an uh oh type of girl.  I'm racking my brain and telling him I can't think of a single time or incidence where I would say uh oh to Sarah.  Not that I think it's a bad word, I was just surprised because I really don't think I say it.  Then I thought of the nice ladies in the Y nursery (WHO I LOVE) and I said, I think they say it when you know someone drops a toy or falls down.  She must have learned it there.

Then as we were playing this morning, she was driving around her Little People dump truck and she accidently tilted the back spilling the contents.  And the first thing out of my mouth was "uh oh".  So, I guess she does hear it from me.

She really doesn't know what it means though, so I'm not counting it as our first word or anything because as she's been eating her breakfast (grapes and an eggo with applesauce) she's been saying "uh oh" in between every bite.  So I can tell this parrot thing is going to cease to be cute pretty quickly.  BUT it is very exciting because it seems like she's finally interested in learning what things are rather than just pointing at them and then herself and screaming and crying when she wants something.  Here's to hoping a less frustrated future is in the cards for us.

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