Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Schwartz's vs a Day in the Life of...

Today I decided to follow Sarah around Jane Goodall style (you know, the lady who lived with the gorillas).  It was an interesting and informative day.  I hope you all enjoy this snapshot into Sarah's life.  If it's popular, I'm thinking about continuing the series with a day in the life of Sophie and maybe even myself.  We'll see how it goes.

7:00 Wake up and demand my milk, which I promptly get as soon as mommy comes in your room.
7:05 Get tricked into laying still for a diaper change because I have a sippy cup of milk.
7:15 Cry because my sippy cup is empty.  Mom won’t give me a refill though, she mutters something about how it makes me throw up.
7:17 Begin having mommy read the same 5 books over and over again.
7:45 Climb into your high chair for you delicious breakfast of Eggo with applesauce, and grapes, (sometimes blueberries or other mixed fruit).
8:20 Reorganize mommy’s Tupperware cabinet.
8:36 Find and unplug the nightlight in the hall while mommy is in the kitchen putting the Tupperware back in the cabinet.
8:45 Brush my teeth while mommy brushes hers and gets ready for the gym.
8:55 Help mommy put my shoes on.  I can pretty much do it myself.  Or at least I think I can, but I throw mommy a bone and let her help me.
9:00 Complain about being buckled into my car seat
9:15 Arrive at the Y, wave at my fan club of senior citizens hanging out in the lobby area. 
9:15-11:15 Have a great time in the Y nursery.  Love on some Ms. Christie and Ms. Sherry.  Read lots of books, chew on every Little People character I come across, and ride the zebra toy.
11:35 Complete outfit change because of diaper explosion.
11:45 Eat Kix on the couch while watching Handy Manny so mommy can get lunch ready.  (I get really impatient if I’m not well distracted at the fact that mom’s making lunch, or dinner, or any other meal really.  I think they appear out of thin air and should be on my tray the moment I enter the kitchen.)
12:00-12:20 Delicious lunch today of turkey, lima beans, grapes, and some triscuit crackers.  Then I saw mom had some salami, I don’t like it but since she had it I complained until she gave me some. 
12:25 Return to the kitchen while mom is cleaning up lunch with my lion lovey that supposed to be in my crib.  Mom’s pretty amazed.  She keeps asking, “where did you get that from?”   I’m an awesome magician. 
12:35-12:45 Run around the bathroom while mom showers. 
12:50: throw balls around in the living room to watch them bounce.  One went under the stool, so I crawled underneath to get it.  I was stuck and all mom kept saying was “hold on I gotta find the camera!” Luckily I was able to climb over the foot rest bar and get out before this was captured on film.
1:00 Go outside to check the mail with mom and walk around the drive way for a little bit with my push toy.
1:10-1:25 Mom keeps talking about something called a nap that I’m going to do in a little bit.  I don’t think it sounds like a good idea.
1:30 Get put in my bed with my lion and paci.  I like lion and paci so this seems good, but then mom leaves and closes the door!  What is this shenanigans!
1:30-1:40 Play with Violet for a little bit, then eventually give into this nap thing.
3:45 Awake and ask nicely “Where’s my milk woman!”  Though, to the untrained ear it comes out as screaming and crying.
4:15 Get frustrated with the farm puzzle.  Refuse to put the horse puzzle in.  Make mom laugh by saying no and shaking my head whenever she asks me to do it.  What does that woman not understand about the word no?
4:30 Fulfill my adorable quotient for the day by wallering all over mommy and then coming into the bathroom uninvited and putting my cold hands on her. I know she likes this because she screams whenever I do it.
4:45 Finally talk mommy into taking me outside by annoying her by messing with that light box she’s always looking at.  I know it has buttons!  Why won’t she let me push it’s buttons.
5:15 Have a heart felt conversation with Belle while mom works on dinner.  I clearly have inherited my mother’s trait of talking with my hands.
5:30 Figure out I do not have the full attention of my mother since she is elbow deep in raw chicken trying to get dinner ready.  Convince her loudly to stop what she’s doing and at least turn on the Little Einsteins for me, oh and get me some Kix.  Thanks mom!
5:50 Mom starts singing some song about being so glad when daddy comes home. And right when she’s almost done he walks in the door.  It’s amazing!  I must learn this song so that I can conjure him any time I want.
6:05 Play puzzles with daddy.  Amaze them all when dad says “duck” and I say “quack, quack, quack”.  I’m so adorable.  Plus, these guys are easy to entertain.
6:20 Dinner time!  (Finally, it’s about an hour late, mom kept saying that she wanted me to eat with mommy and daddy tonight.)
6:40 Bath time!  My favorite!  I kept talking to daddy but he was pretending like he didn’t know what I was saying. 
7:00 Daddy tried to read me my bed time books, but I was too tired for that.  So daddy just took me to bed.  I thought he was going to forget to give me my paci so I complained a little, but he was just moving slow.

Well, thanks for following me around today!  Oh, what's going on in this picture?  I'm just giving my puppy some love.  Come on over anytime.  I love to have play dates!


  1. Such a cute post! What a great idea. Sarah looks so big in some of those pics

  2. That was fun, thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Ha, she is adorable. Her day is way more interesting than mine.