Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the 15 Month Old

Sarah, you're 15 months old today and I must admit, this is probably my favorite stage thus far.

Here's what you've got going on:

* You weigh about 22 lbs.  We put you on something at Chris's work to guess that.
* You wear size 4 diapers, and have outgrown most of your 12 month pants because of your girth.  (You have quite the gut.)
* You have come to terms with your hair bows and I think you actually like them.  You will lean your head down and let us put them in.  The other day, we were leaving the house and you saw one on the counter and touched your hair.  Then you realized you didn't have one on, so you kept reaching for the one on the counter until I put it in your hair.  It didn't match your outfit at all, but you didn't care.  I think sometimes you have an opinion about which hair bow you want to wear.  This morning we were getting dressed for the gym and I said "let's go get your bow" and you walked over to your bow hanger on your closet door.  I picked you up and selected one and clipped it in and you started crying and reaching for another.  It didn't match your outfit, so you kept the bow I picked out in, and cried for a little before you came to terms with it.
* You're a pretty good eater.  You LOVE fruit, pretty much all fruit except oranges.  Since I have a hard time figuring out what you feed you, you mostly eat: Eggos with applesauce, grapes, blueberries, apples, kiwi, strawberries, bananas yogurt, turkey, green beans, carrots, black beans, lima beans, spaghettios, cheese, bread, and want a bite of whatever we're eating no matter what it is.  I need to figure out some other vegetables for you to try, but it's hard because neither Chris nor I eat a lot of veggies.  We know now that you don't like squash, and we plan on trying zuchinni later this week.
* You drink mostly either milk or water.  You want your milk first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up.  And now you're getting to the point where you expect it when I come to get you from a nap too.  Sometimes we'll give you apple juice and you won't drink it, but if we hand you a cup of water you down the thing.
* Your personality has blown up this month.  You are a pretty saucy little girl.  You still jibber jab to all your toys and have even started talking with your hands.  You make lots of cute sounds that I'm sure mean something to you.  Chris thinks you sound like a tauntaun.  (We use to think your cousin Logan sounded like an Ewok. You come from a nerdy family, learn to love this now.)
* You are aware that people are looking at you and talking to you and you LOVE it.  When we get to the Y, you go into pagaent mode waving to your adoring fan of Silver Sneakers sitting at the tables in the lobby.
* Hiding things from you has become more difficult since you've gotten taller.  You can now pull up on your tippty toes and grab things off the couch, bed, and even the bathroom counter.  I should probably get around to child proofing pretty soon.
* You love the freedom of walking and are doing a lot better about entertaining yourself now that you can do it.  You'll toddle off into our bedroom while I'm in the living room sometimes and get something from your toy stash from there and bring it back to where we were playing.  You seem to like just taking a tour of the house from time to time.
* You don't have many (or any) real words that you say, however, I'm amazed every day by how much you understand.  (Makes me think I'm going to need to stop being sarcastic to you soon.)  Sunday, daddy and I were in the kitchen cooking and you came walking in with the steering wheel that goes to the Wii. I looked at you and said "Where did you get that from?  You need to put it back."  And you turned around and walked back into the living room and put it back inside media center (on the correct shelf too) and then closed the door.  Yesterday when we were brushing our teeth and getting ready for the gym, I noticed your toothbrush was missing.  (You're not supposed to leave my room with it.)  I don't know when you took it somewhere or where it went, but I looked at you while you were playing with something new and said "Sarah, where's your toothbrush?  You need to get it."  And you got up and toddled off and returned shortly with your toothbrush and helped me put it in the holder.
* You still LOVE to do puzzles and read books.  You spend most of your days wanting to play with those things.  I can't really tell what your favorite book is right now, but we seem to read Wocket in My Pocket and Put Me in the Zoo many times throughout the day.
* You love your daddy more (I think).  Whenever he comes home you drop whatever you're doing and go to him as fast as you can and want to be picked up.  Then you give him a big hug and let him kiss you.
* You make life around here a lot more entertaining and interesting and I wouldn't have it any other way.  We love you!
P.S. You are pretty close to impossible to take pictures of now a days.  You just move too much!  I only got this one because you climbed on top of me while trying to take the camera.

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