Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's New Role

Daddy keeps saying we have a secret,
And Mommy bought me this dress.
But they must have forgotten that I can't read yet,
So can anyone help me guess?

Coming this September!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the 15 Month Old

Sarah, you're 15 months old today and I must admit, this is probably my favorite stage thus far.

Here's what you've got going on:

* You weigh about 22 lbs.  We put you on something at Chris's work to guess that.
* You wear size 4 diapers, and have outgrown most of your 12 month pants because of your girth.  (You have quite the gut.)
* You have come to terms with your hair bows and I think you actually like them.  You will lean your head down and let us put them in.  The other day, we were leaving the house and you saw one on the counter and touched your hair.  Then you realized you didn't have one on, so you kept reaching for the one on the counter until I put it in your hair.  It didn't match your outfit at all, but you didn't care.  I think sometimes you have an opinion about which hair bow you want to wear.  This morning we were getting dressed for the gym and I said "let's go get your bow" and you walked over to your bow hanger on your closet door.  I picked you up and selected one and clipped it in and you started crying and reaching for another.  It didn't match your outfit, so you kept the bow I picked out in, and cried for a little before you came to terms with it.
* You're a pretty good eater.  You LOVE fruit, pretty much all fruit except oranges.  Since I have a hard time figuring out what you feed you, you mostly eat: Eggos with applesauce, grapes, blueberries, apples, kiwi, strawberries, bananas yogurt, turkey, green beans, carrots, black beans, lima beans, spaghettios, cheese, bread, and want a bite of whatever we're eating no matter what it is.  I need to figure out some other vegetables for you to try, but it's hard because neither Chris nor I eat a lot of veggies.  We know now that you don't like squash, and we plan on trying zuchinni later this week.
* You drink mostly either milk or water.  You want your milk first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up.  And now you're getting to the point where you expect it when I come to get you from a nap too.  Sometimes we'll give you apple juice and you won't drink it, but if we hand you a cup of water you down the thing.
* Your personality has blown up this month.  You are a pretty saucy little girl.  You still jibber jab to all your toys and have even started talking with your hands.  You make lots of cute sounds that I'm sure mean something to you.  Chris thinks you sound like a tauntaun.  (We use to think your cousin Logan sounded like an Ewok. You come from a nerdy family, learn to love this now.)
* You are aware that people are looking at you and talking to you and you LOVE it.  When we get to the Y, you go into pagaent mode waving to your adoring fan of Silver Sneakers sitting at the tables in the lobby.
* Hiding things from you has become more difficult since you've gotten taller.  You can now pull up on your tippty toes and grab things off the couch, bed, and even the bathroom counter.  I should probably get around to child proofing pretty soon.
* You love the freedom of walking and are doing a lot better about entertaining yourself now that you can do it.  You'll toddle off into our bedroom while I'm in the living room sometimes and get something from your toy stash from there and bring it back to where we were playing.  You seem to like just taking a tour of the house from time to time.
* You don't have many (or any) real words that you say, however, I'm amazed every day by how much you understand.  (Makes me think I'm going to need to stop being sarcastic to you soon.)  Sunday, daddy and I were in the kitchen cooking and you came walking in with the steering wheel that goes to the Wii. I looked at you and said "Where did you get that from?  You need to put it back."  And you turned around and walked back into the living room and put it back inside media center (on the correct shelf too) and then closed the door.  Yesterday when we were brushing our teeth and getting ready for the gym, I noticed your toothbrush was missing.  (You're not supposed to leave my room with it.)  I don't know when you took it somewhere or where it went, but I looked at you while you were playing with something new and said "Sarah, where's your toothbrush?  You need to get it."  And you got up and toddled off and returned shortly with your toothbrush and helped me put it in the holder.
* You still LOVE to do puzzles and read books.  You spend most of your days wanting to play with those things.  I can't really tell what your favorite book is right now, but we seem to read Wocket in My Pocket and Put Me in the Zoo many times throughout the day.
* You love your daddy more (I think).  Whenever he comes home you drop whatever you're doing and go to him as fast as you can and want to be picked up.  Then you give him a big hug and let him kiss you.
* You make life around here a lot more entertaining and interesting and I wouldn't have it any other way.  We love you!
P.S. You are pretty close to impossible to take pictures of now a days.  You just move too much!  I only got this one because you climbed on top of me while trying to take the camera.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Great Weather Weekend

I love the weekends.  It's 2 whole days I get to spend with Chris and Sarah together.  Chris is such a great dad and he really does most of the Sarah work on the weekends so I can recharge.  But this weekend, he especially upped his awesome dad game.  (It makes me worry about what he's done that he's hiding.  Just kidding!)

Friday he took a half day to spend some extra time with Sarah and so he sent me off for a girls night with some friends.  We ate at a place in East Memphis called Patrick's.  I ordered their special sandwich, The Mempho.  It looked like a bad idea, but I'm a sucker for house specialities so I gave it a try.  It was a pulled pork sandwich with caramelized onions and provolone cheese (which sounded great) that was topped with mack and cheese and then grilled.  I don't even want to know how badly that thing clogged my arteries.  I was super starving so while it wasn't the greatest thing in the world, I did end up eating all of it because I was that famished.  But I wouldn't ever order that again.

Saturday was a cool and windy morning but it was a nice break from the freezing cold temperatures, so we went to the zoo with the Joiners.  They brought their wagon for the girls to ride in.  I think the girls both had a great time sharing snacks and trying to put things down the little black plug.  Though, going to the zoo with Elsie Tate makes me feel a little bad.  Elsie Tate is just leaps and bounds more verbal than Sarah.  And though I'm crazy type A, I really have tried not to compare Sarah to others and worry about things.  But Elsie Tate is pointing out all the animals and naming them and telling you what sound they make.  Sarah can't name any animals yet though we read her animal book at least 5 times a day, and the only sound she knows is quack (which she'll say no matter what animal you ask, so we generally just ask about a duck when people are around).

After the zoo, Chris sent me to get a pedicure with Laura while I wrangled Sarah for a nap.   Have I mentioned how fabulous he is?  When she finally took a short nap and was up again we went outside to show Sarah the new outside play balls we bought her.  She loved them.  She toddled all over the drive way picking them up and throwing them.  However, the cutest part was when she was done.  She started walking to do the front door.  I said, "See ya later", and she turned and waved and kept on heading to the door.  She crawled up the front steps, walked to the door and then waited.  She turned around and looked at us like, "are you coming?".  This girl knows what she wants!

Such a great weekend!  I'd like to say we've got another one coming up, but I think Chris is cashing in the points he earned because he scheduled a nerd fest Friday night (what I call his guys night out) and is going to do manly man things at the lake house with his dad Saturday.  So it'll just be Sarah and me all weekend.  Play date anyone?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Schwartz's vs a Day in the Life of...

Today I decided to follow Sarah around Jane Goodall style (you know, the lady who lived with the gorillas).  It was an interesting and informative day.  I hope you all enjoy this snapshot into Sarah's life.  If it's popular, I'm thinking about continuing the series with a day in the life of Sophie and maybe even myself.  We'll see how it goes.

7:00 Wake up and demand my milk, which I promptly get as soon as mommy comes in your room.
7:05 Get tricked into laying still for a diaper change because I have a sippy cup of milk.
7:15 Cry because my sippy cup is empty.  Mom won’t give me a refill though, she mutters something about how it makes me throw up.
7:17 Begin having mommy read the same 5 books over and over again.
7:45 Climb into your high chair for you delicious breakfast of Eggo with applesauce, and grapes, (sometimes blueberries or other mixed fruit).
8:20 Reorganize mommy’s Tupperware cabinet.
8:36 Find and unplug the nightlight in the hall while mommy is in the kitchen putting the Tupperware back in the cabinet.
8:45 Brush my teeth while mommy brushes hers and gets ready for the gym.
8:55 Help mommy put my shoes on.  I can pretty much do it myself.  Or at least I think I can, but I throw mommy a bone and let her help me.
9:00 Complain about being buckled into my car seat
9:15 Arrive at the Y, wave at my fan club of senior citizens hanging out in the lobby area. 
9:15-11:15 Have a great time in the Y nursery.  Love on some Ms. Christie and Ms. Sherry.  Read lots of books, chew on every Little People character I come across, and ride the zebra toy.
11:35 Complete outfit change because of diaper explosion.
11:45 Eat Kix on the couch while watching Handy Manny so mommy can get lunch ready.  (I get really impatient if I’m not well distracted at the fact that mom’s making lunch, or dinner, or any other meal really.  I think they appear out of thin air and should be on my tray the moment I enter the kitchen.)
12:00-12:20 Delicious lunch today of turkey, lima beans, grapes, and some triscuit crackers.  Then I saw mom had some salami, I don’t like it but since she had it I complained until she gave me some. 
12:25 Return to the kitchen while mom is cleaning up lunch with my lion lovey that supposed to be in my crib.  Mom’s pretty amazed.  She keeps asking, “where did you get that from?”   I’m an awesome magician. 
12:35-12:45 Run around the bathroom while mom showers. 
12:50: throw balls around in the living room to watch them bounce.  One went under the stool, so I crawled underneath to get it.  I was stuck and all mom kept saying was “hold on I gotta find the camera!” Luckily I was able to climb over the foot rest bar and get out before this was captured on film.
1:00 Go outside to check the mail with mom and walk around the drive way for a little bit with my push toy.
1:10-1:25 Mom keeps talking about something called a nap that I’m going to do in a little bit.  I don’t think it sounds like a good idea.
1:30 Get put in my bed with my lion and paci.  I like lion and paci so this seems good, but then mom leaves and closes the door!  What is this shenanigans!
1:30-1:40 Play with Violet for a little bit, then eventually give into this nap thing.
3:45 Awake and ask nicely “Where’s my milk woman!”  Though, to the untrained ear it comes out as screaming and crying.
4:15 Get frustrated with the farm puzzle.  Refuse to put the horse puzzle in.  Make mom laugh by saying no and shaking my head whenever she asks me to do it.  What does that woman not understand about the word no?
4:30 Fulfill my adorable quotient for the day by wallering all over mommy and then coming into the bathroom uninvited and putting my cold hands on her. I know she likes this because she screams whenever I do it.
4:45 Finally talk mommy into taking me outside by annoying her by messing with that light box she’s always looking at.  I know it has buttons!  Why won’t she let me push it’s buttons.
5:15 Have a heart felt conversation with Belle while mom works on dinner.  I clearly have inherited my mother’s trait of talking with my hands.
5:30 Figure out I do not have the full attention of my mother since she is elbow deep in raw chicken trying to get dinner ready.  Convince her loudly to stop what she’s doing and at least turn on the Little Einsteins for me, oh and get me some Kix.  Thanks mom!
5:50 Mom starts singing some song about being so glad when daddy comes home. And right when she’s almost done he walks in the door.  It’s amazing!  I must learn this song so that I can conjure him any time I want.
6:05 Play puzzles with daddy.  Amaze them all when dad says “duck” and I say “quack, quack, quack”.  I’m so adorable.  Plus, these guys are easy to entertain.
6:20 Dinner time!  (Finally, it’s about an hour late, mom kept saying that she wanted me to eat with mommy and daddy tonight.)
6:40 Bath time!  My favorite!  I kept talking to daddy but he was pretending like he didn’t know what I was saying. 
7:00 Daddy tried to read me my bed time books, but I was too tired for that.  So daddy just took me to bed.  I thought he was going to forget to give me my paci so I complained a little, but he was just moving slow.

Well, thanks for following me around today!  Oh, what's going on in this picture?  I'm just giving my puppy some love.  Come on over anytime.  I love to have play dates!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the Parrot

Well from walking to talking it seems like Sarah is finally starting to grow up.  From previous posts, you know she loves to do her unintelligible chatter, but she's never really been into learning how to sign or repeating what we say.  I tried to teach her the sign for more one day when she was begging for some of my yogurt and instead she invented her own sign for it.  She'd point at the yogurt and then herself and if I didn't give it to her she'd do it again only faster, harder, and with an angry look that said "Woman, you know what I want give me that yogurt!"

So hearing her try to say things like "up" and "down" and "cup" and "please" are very cute.  They don't sound anything like the actual word, but I'm trying to give her some credit.  Last night at dinner we thought she said her first intelligible real and used correctly word (but after hearing her use it a lot this morning I'm pretty sure it still has no meaning to her).  As she pitched her spoon across the room during dinner she said "Uh Oh".  Chris looks at me.  And I started telling him I have no idea where she learned that.  I don't say uh oh.  I'm not an uh oh type of girl.  I'm racking my brain and telling him I can't think of a single time or incidence where I would say uh oh to Sarah.  Not that I think it's a bad word, I was just surprised because I really don't think I say it.  Then I thought of the nice ladies in the Y nursery (WHO I LOVE) and I said, I think they say it when you know someone drops a toy or falls down.  She must have learned it there.

Then as we were playing this morning, she was driving around her Little People dump truck and she accidently tilted the back spilling the contents.  And the first thing out of my mouth was "uh oh".  So, I guess she does hear it from me.

She really doesn't know what it means though, so I'm not counting it as our first word or anything because as she's been eating her breakfast (grapes and an eggo with applesauce) she's been saying "uh oh" in between every bite.  So I can tell this parrot thing is going to cease to be cute pretty quickly.  BUT it is very exciting because it seems like she's finally interested in learning what things are rather than just pointing at them and then herself and screaming and crying when she wants something.  Here's to hoping a less frustrated future is in the cards for us.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the Weekend Wrap Up

It's Chris's spring break this week from school which means he gets to come home by 5:30 every day!  I'm so excited.  (5 more years to go...then he'll get to come home by 5:30 all the time.)

So to kick of his spring break we decided to go visit my parents for the weekend.  He doesn't always get to come when I take Sarah to visit with the grandparents because of school and church commitments.  So it's always nice when we get to go together.  And I especially love to go visit my parents because it's like the perfect little relaxing mini-vacation.  Mom cooks (and it's delicious) and for whatever reason Sarah takes 2 big naps each day when we're there (and still goes down at bed time without a fight).  It's a little slice of nirvana.

Anyway, aside from mom making her award winning, blue ribbon, from scratch cinnamon rolls she had a great surprise for Sarah.

That is the little table and chairs from when we were kids.  Mom had them restored and refinished for Sarah to get to enjoy.  She loved them!  She would sit there and kick her legs and read her books.  It was so cute!  
There's a rocking chair that goes along with the set that Pete has for Logan.  But since Logan has outgrown it and Sarah LOVES rocking chairs, mom is going to bring it home and get it refinished to match the table.  I can't wait!  That's going to make for some cute pictures!  

Mom also got out some of our old toys for Sarah to play with.
And Sarah enjoyed nomming on Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster.  

So that's pretty much what we did this weekend.  Spent it with my husband and sweet baby girl watching my parents play grandma and grandpa.  There were hopes for a trip to the zoo when we got back on Monday but unfortunately the weather has turned yucky and it's been dreary and rainy for the past few days.  

So glad this weekend was relaxing because the next one coming up is crazy busy.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Southern Shamrock Shake Education

I have come to the recent realization that though to me Shamrock Shake is synonymous with the St. Patty's season, that some of my fellow Southern cohorts, even those older than the 15 year olds at McDonald's have no idea what I'm talking about.

Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to neglect my adorable daughter by letting her watch extra cartoons this morning to do a public service announcement to educate you about this delicious seasonal treat.

The Shamrock shake was launched in the 1970's born in the city of Brotherly Love.  That's right, the original home of the shamrock shake is none other than Philadelphia.  And has grown in popularity and purpose because of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Fred Hill, the Eagle's tight end, had a 3 year old daughter that was being treated for leukemia. As he sat there camped out for many hours on hospital benches with his family and other families he started to think there has to be a better way.  He rallied his team to find a way to raise the funds to find nicer accommodations for all the families who traveled so far to get treatment for their kids.  The general manager took it one step further and teamed up with Dr. Evans who had ideas to create a home for these families to stay at.  So the general manager contacted someone at McDonalds and asked what the next promotion was.  It just so happened to be a new St. Patrick's Day treat, the green shamrock shake.  Since the Eagle's team color is green the marriage was perfect!  And so, McDonald's and the Eagles launched the promotion with proceeds going to cause.  From this, they were able to buy a 4 story, 7 bedroom home that opened to families of the patients.  And that was the first Ronald McDonald house.

So now you know, the Shamrock Shake is not only delicious, but benevolent too.  (Though I'm not sure if the proceeds still go to the Ronald McDonald houses.)

And yes, I was finally able to enjoy one this season!  My parents who live in Pine Bluff, AR some how managed to be lucky enough to be apart of the limited release.

Information about the Shamrock Shake's history can be found here.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Schwartz's vs The Tantrum

Sarah throws tantrums.  I know I've mentioned it before.  And I'm sure you guys don't believe me because for the most part all you see is Sarah's smiling happy face.  But today was almost Sarah's last day.  We about had a "I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it" moment.

So here's what happened.  (And yes, this is mostly because I need to vent, however, I don't want my journal here to seem like it's all happy and fun times or else I might be cajoled into having we need to remember these moments 1. because they too shall pass and 2. because reading stuff like this is great birth control for those of us who need it.)

I put Sarah in her high chair for breakfast and gave her a sippy cup while I started cutting up her grapes.  Usually I give her some Kix to tide her over, but I've been worrying that I overfeed her at meal times so I didn't want to give her junk before breakfast.  She started screaming and pitched her sippy cup across the room.  So I picked it up, I looked and her and said "Sarah, you need to be patient, I'm almost done.  And you do not throw things."  She gave me a dirty look and then screeched.  I shot her a stern look right back and put her sippy cup on her tray.  She pitched it again.  So I took her out of her chair and put her in her room so she could calm down while I finished putting the apple sauce on her Eggo and getting everything cut up and ready for her.  She then proceeded to FLIP OUT.  I'm talking face down beating her hands and legs, crying and screaming until she sounded horse.  She crawled into the kitchen and continued so I could witness.  Then she pulled herself up on my leg and started hitting me.  I took her hands and very calmly said "we don't hit".  Which just made her scream louder.  Now breakfast is all ready and on the plate good to go, but I can't give it to her now or else she'll think she won.  She's got to calm down before I can give her breakfast.

So I walk away from her, I went into her room and got a bib out and ready and sat on her floor to wait for her so we could talk.  She crawls in after me still screaming and crying and wailing and acting foolish.  So I tell her, "Sarah look at mommy, you need to calm down" in a very nice soothing tone.  That just pissed her off even more.  So she starts to waller on me.  So I pick her up and put her on my lap thinking she's ready to be held to calm down.  Nope, she starts kicking and pushing against me.  So I set her down again and walked to the living room.  She followed me in there still screaming (I don't know how she didn't lose her voice from all this.)  It's now been 20 min since the tantrum started.  I called Chris at work, not that he could do anything, I just feel the need to share sometimes.  She wants to be picked up so, I do, and I remind her again that she needs to calm down and that's when she goes nuts slapping and hitting me in the face and pulling on me.  Oh, yes, this is when she almost died.  So I started singing "I Want to be Kind to Everyone" and "I'm Trying to be like Jesus" because we both need a little reminder.  She's still flailing so I pin her arms in so neither of us get hurt (I really need to trim her nails) and I go and get her paci and her lion lovey.  She takes them both and begins to calm down and just whimper.  (Tantrum time: 30 min) Since she was calm now we sat on the couch and I rubbed her back and explained in a very nice voice, "Sarah, when you scream and yell and cry like that, you aren't telling Mommy what you want.  In fact, you are just delaying what you want.  I know that you are hungry, and mommy was working to get it ready for you, so there was no need to scream and yell like that.  Sometimes, you have to be patient."  And she little out a little stutter breath and relaxed into me.  So we sat there for 5 minutes cuddling to make sure was past the tantrum and wouldn't associate it with her breakfast.  Then we went into the kitchen and she traded me the paci and lion for her plate.

Boy I can't wait until she's 2!  I can tell this is going to be AWESOME.

I guess since I lack patience, Heavenly Father with his infinite wisdom and sense of humor has decided to teach it to me by giving me a child that doesn't have any either.  But I'm very proud of myself for not getting upset or yelling.  I mean, I got screamed at and hit for 30 minutes straight and I managed to keep calm and carry on.

Side note, I sing to Sarah a lot.  Pretty much all day.  However, I sing those two songs when she's getting upset and I can feel myself getting upset.  So now, if I'm holding her and I just randomly sing them because they're good songs, she'll actually put her hand over my mouth.

So that's how I spent my morning.  How was yours?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the Biped

There were rumors of this magical feat coming from the nursery at the Y.  And brief glimpses of it in our own home, but it was difficult to go ahead and call it officially.  Then it seemed like almost over night Sarah said "this crawling stuff is for the birds" and so she got up and started walking.  And walking.  And walking.  I'm really excited about it.  First because kids toddling is one of the cutest things to watch.  She wobbles and bobbles and is so proud when she gets to where she wanted to go.  But mostly I'm excited because all that crawling was wearing out the knees on her pants and I'd like to think I'll be able to pass them down to another kid.  And because crawling in a dress is difficult and she looked silly doing it at church and I didn't want her to accidently rip her dress so I really won't let her get down and crawl around. So now we can go for walks around the building when she's being unruly.  The list of reason why this is awesome go on an on.

So here if video evidence that Sarah has entered the age of toddler-hood.  And she made this well known yesterday whens he decided to toddle into the bathroom while I was showering and hold the shower door closed on me.  (Don't worry, that's not what the video is of.)