Monday, February 7, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the Lack of Pictures

Sarah has decided to go on a camera strike.  The moment I get that thing out and turn it on she stops whatever cute thing she's doing.  She refuses to talk for the camera.  If she's standing or even taking a few of her baby steps she immediately sits down and starts to crawl.  She is breaking this mommy's heart.  And in turn I have neglected the blog for lack of photographic evidence of her amazing-ness.

So I guess I'll just tell you a few cute things she's doing without the pictures to back it up.  And perhaps we should all start getting use to the idea of picture-less posts.

Sarah's really into "reading" books right now.  She's always had a few favorites but now she'll bring you a book and want to sit in your lap and turn the pages.  It's adorable, but she doesn't actually let you read it. She turns the pages too fast.  Chris put me in my place one day when with a big smile he was talking about how cute it is that Sarah brings him a book and crawls in his lap to read with him.  And I complained about how all she does is flip the pages real fast and then crawls away.  And he said "yes, but for that moment that's where she wants to be, in your lap with a book.  Isn't it sweet?"  I felt like a jerk.  Chris is right.  It is adorable.  And what's even cuter is now instead of you patting your lap to let her know to crawl in, she comes over with the book and then pats your lap to let you know she's climbing in.  So sweet.
Sarah's also been loving on her baby Belle that she got for her birthday.  She likes to pick her up and pat her on the back and say "awwwww".  It's very sweet.  The other day she handed me Belle, and I was talking to her having a full on conversation, you know making the voice for Belle also, and Sarah walked over to me (3 or 4 steps--not real walking) grabbed my knee and then bent her head down so she could look in my face.  She had an expression like, "mommy, you know that Belle isn't real...right?"

We've been practicing walking a lot recently.  Sarah took the most continuous steps to date yesterday; I think I counted 12.  That was pretty cool.  But what was really neat was when Chris asked her to bring him something and he said, "stand up and bring it to me" and she did.  She stood up and walked the 5 or 6 steps to Chris to hand him the toy.  

And speaking of walking, she started screaming in Sacrament yesterday so I had to take her out.  We took a holding on to one finger tour of the building before heading back in.  As we walked past the back row she slowed down and did a pageant wave to everyone we walked past.  What a diva!

Sarah also loves to do her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse puzzle.  She'll play with that thing for 20 minutes straight without getting bored.  Chris and I use it to help her practice walking.  I'll hold the pieces and he'll hold the puzzle and we have her walk back and forth between us getting pieces and putting them in.  The coolest thing is to see her thinking.  She'll point at a blank place, then Chris will say who it is and tell her to go get it, and she'll walk over to me and pick that piece from the puzzle.  If you ask her where something is, she'll look around for it and usually find it and give it to you.  It's really amazing to see her start processing things like that.

And that leads us to our last cute story.  We were over at Ma and Pa Schwartz's for the superbowl yesterday.  Sarah was playing with her little people car that has a mommy and a baby that go with it.  Holt was sleeping on the couch and everyone else was in the kitchen eating.  I like to keep Sarah's little people pieces together so I was concerned that only the mommy was in the car and the baby was missing.  So I asked Sarah, "where's the baby?"  She looked at me, then crawled over to where Holt was sleeping on the couch, pulled herself up, pointed at him and grunted.  She was saying, "the baby's right here."  Not the one I was looking for, but I was floored that she understands the concept of Holt being a baby.  Of course, now that she was aware of him there within reach, she kept trying to touch him and bring him toys, and mess with him.  It was pretty cute. 

So sorry again for the lack of photographic documentation.  My goal this evening is to have Chris help me get a video of Sarah walking.  So I guess check back tomorrow and see if we had any success.

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  1. she's so sweet.. i love, love, love the stage she's in!