Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the 14 Month Old

Sweet baby Sarah you are 14 months old today and here's how you've grown:

* You still wear a size 3 diaper, but it's almost time to move you up to a 4.
* You wear 12 month clothes, but still fit in some 9 month outfits.  It just depends on the brand.
* You have two top molars coming in right now and your bottom gums feel swollen.  It's been pretty painful for you but you at least like the Ora-gel.  Unfortunately, you like it so much you lick it off my finger before I can get it to where it hurts.
* You talk a lot more now.  It's mostly unintelligible, however it has tones and inflections so I know it means something to you.
* You have two new tricks; you can point out your mouth and tell us what a duck says, but only when you want to.  If I ask you to do it on command for someone you look at me like I'm crazy.
* You're a pretty good eater.  You LOVE grapes, blueberries, green beans, carrots, cheese, raisins, lima beans, and snack happily on cheerios and kix.  You love freeze dried fruit slices.  You'll eat hot dogs, turkey, and chicken but not a lot and not all the time.
* You are definitely allergic to peas, and peanut butter.  And based off the peanut butter reaction, I think you're allergic to eggs (like scrambled, not just eggs in something).
* You have been introduced to sweets.  I tried to stop it but mommy's not a good example of healthy eating and I put my cookie down within reach one time.  You b-lined straight for it and shoved it in.  Needless to say, you really liked it.
* You communicate mostly though pointing.  You point at something and then yourself when you want it.  However, you're not very accurate when you point so it takes a while sometimes for me to guess what it is that you want.
* We're still waiting on you to officially be a walker.  You practice when you want and we really can't force you.  When we try and you're not in the mood you curl your legs and refuse to even stand up.  Yesterday you walked all the way from the tv to the couch (about 10 steps) all on your own.
* You like to practice walking on mommy and daddy's bed (under supervision of course).  I guess you figured out it's soft because when you fall down after a few steps you laugh and immediately stand back up.
* You're favorite things to do right now are read books and do puzzles.  You literally can spend hours getting books and bringing them to daddy and me and sitting in our laps while you flip through the pages.
* You're still a big fan of the bath time and will hold on to the side of the tub while it fills up bouncing with joy until we put you in it.
* You are highly opinionated, extremely determined, and we're completely in love with you.

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