Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Schwartz's vs 5K Challenge Completion

 Well, it's over.  I graduated from the Couch to 5K program and successfully ran my first ever 5K on December 4th.  I am really proud of myself!  Thankfully the scale is no longer in the ladies locker room at the Y so I have no idea if all this running garnered any weight loss success, but it has been a huge boost to my confidence.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would complete a 5K.  Now when I'm watching the Biggest Loser I don't have to feel bad when the fat kids run them and I can't.  Because I can, and I rocked!

 I love my husband!  He has been such a huge support during the program always making time for me to be able to go and run.  He hasn't quite finished the program yet, but he's got a different method to running.  I run slow and pathetically and Chris is a natural sprinter.  So it is taking him a little longer to get through the weeks because he's REALLY having to build up his endurance so he can sprint for 30 minutes at a time.  But he came and did the 5K too.  He ran his appointed day in the training program W3D3 and made sure he finished strong running in all the way to the finish line.

If you have ever thought about running a big 5K I highly recommend it!  It was such an awesome experience.  From pinning my bib on to my shirt to fixing the cool electronic timing strip to my shoes this was just a really neat thing to be apart of.  This was my first race and I had no idea what to expect so I insisted that we got downtown by 6:30 am so we could check our bag at the Autozone Park (with pants and jackets in it for after the run) and then get to the starting line at the FedEx Forum by 6:45.

When the gun went off and the hoard of people start moving, I was super excited then we all came to a dead stand still.  Finally the crowd starts moving again and was walking towards the starting line.  Walking!  I'm flipping out.  I need to be running when I cross the start, gotta run, gotta run, gotta run, was all I kept thinking to myself.  I was getting nervous--finally the line was in sight and people apparently had been walking till they got to that point.  Annoying really!  I finally get to start running and I realize holy crap there are people walking in front of me wearing jeans (they should have been in the back....grrrrr......) So my internal chant became, gotta find a hole, gotta find a hole, find a place to run.  And all of a sudden I found myself approaching the first mile marker.  It said 12 minutes and a few seconds.  Oh crap, that's slower than the pace I run at the Y.  No good, gotta pick it up, lengthen my stride, keep finding holes to run in.  Then the second mile came (clock said 22 something) and went and all of a sudden I'm climbing a hill.  I laughed a little to myself thinking about how the race packet described the race as having a "unique downhill finish".  Well, you can't have a downhill finish without going uphill somewhere.  But the hill was done and I was going through the map in my mind wondering when we'll get onto Madison or Monroe or whatever street it was to come into the stadium, then I look up and I freaking see the back of the scoreboard at Autozone Park!  I'm already on the street AND running downhill with the mile 3 clock in sight.   At that point, I almost started to cry, I could not believe I was actually going to finish, the clock said 30 something on it so I was going to come in well under my goal time of 35 minutes, AND I hadn't peed on myself so I was accomplishing all sorts of goals.  We entered the stadium and ran around the outfield to our finish line and I tried to kick it up a notch.  The clock time said 32 something but that's from the gun and not from my cool electronic shoe tag thing they gave us.  I had to wait until today to find out my real time.

As I walked to the infield someone put my finishers medal around my neck and I started going through the stretches Jennifer showed me.  After I finished stretching and had caught my breath I walked to the other side to wait and cheer Chris on as he entered the stadium.  He did such an awesome job!  Chris is so cute too, he was so proud of himself he wore his finisher's medal the rest of the day as we were out running errands.  He's excited about running another race soon (and so am I).
So now that the official stats are up, here's how we did:
Natalie finished in 30:49 with a pace of 9:57 per mile
She was 38th in her age group, 253rd out of all the ladies, and finished in spot 590 out of the 3,010 runners who finished the race.  Not to shabby!
Chris finished in in 39:59 with a pace of 12:54 per mile.
He was 91st in his age group, 629th out of all the guys, and finished in the overall spot of 1535.


  1. You freaking ROCK!!! I love your pictures and I'm jealous that I didn't get any of the cool start/finish line! What race are you doing next?! So so so SOOO proud of you!

  2. Congratulations -- That's a big accomplishment! Be careful . . . races can be addictive!

  3. As a C25k drop out, I'm impressed and proud of you. AND, I like how you still show the Pisgah Pride. Nice Shirt!

  4. Congratulations! I knew you could do it! So next year the full marathon?


    Typing game. It will steal hours of your time.

    You can play it when I steal your husband for nerdfest on Friday night.

  6. Congrats on your accomplishment! And can I just say - 9:57/mile average? - BRAVO! I couldn't ever break 11-ish . . .

    Also? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Totally with you: running voluntarily for that long could only happen at the "happiest friggin' place on earth"! :)