Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 100th Post

Oh my goodness!  This post has been a week in the making.  I've actually passed up other posts because I wanted to make this one special.  (And now I'm a little bummed because I can't post them because someone else has already posted something similar and I don't want my blog to seem like it's just a copy of someone elses.  What can I say, I try to be unique.)

I know that some peoples blog have many many more posts, but I really wanted to do this ever since Bekah mentioned on her 100th post how she would spare you of a list of 100 facts about her.  I filed that away going, if I ever make it to 100 then that's what I'm doing.  But coming up with 100 facts about me was difficult.  So that very wise Bekah suggested I break it up over all the people in the family and even have Chris write some about me and vice versa.

So without futher adieu, here is my 100 facts about the Schwartz family in honor of our 100th post!  Enjoy! (And COMMENT telling me your favorite fun fact you've learned, or a fun fact about yourself.  I know there's people out there that read this thing.  Come on, in honor of my 100th post let's shoot for 10% of that in comments!!!!!)

Fun Facts about Natalie by Natalie
1. Natalie can juggle.  She just learned how this year while playing in Sarah’s room.  (See previous post about the abundance of balls.)
2.   2. Natalie was the first reported lab accident at Cordova High School.  Her group accidently severed a nerve in her left index finger while dissecting a frog.
3.   3. Natalie loves to play typing games.
   4. Natalie graduated Magna Cum Laude from Millsaps College in 3 years, then when on to get a 4.0 in her masters program in 18 months.
5. Natalie is a pile-er.  She leaves little piles of junk everywhere. 
 6. Natalie’s favorite color is pink.
  7. Natalie is a Phi Mu.  
   8. Natalie is passive aggressive.  She is also a grudge holder (but only holds one at a time to keep this negative habit in check) and a dweller. She decided to add this to the list because something someone said about 2 months ago just popped in her head and it still bugs her!  But I ADAMENTLY want to stress I’m not a hater.  I actually like to think I’m a pretty nice person and I try to like everyone.
9.   9. Natalie’s favorite holiday is the 4th of July.  Cookouts and fireworks, plus it’s not freezing cold outside like Christmas time.
   10. Natalie 2nd toe is longer than her big toe.  It’s true that’s actually pretty common, what’s weird is that her next two toes are the same length and then her pinky toe is a whole knuckle shorter than the others.
   11.  Natalie thinks poop stories are hilarious.   For example, in college she used to wear her roommates flip-flops to the bathroom so that people wouldn’t look under the stall and think it was her.  As an RA she had her residents make a sign for the bathroom that on the green side “It’s all clear there’s fresh air in here” and on the red side said, “Please stop, the poop’s about to drop.”  So that everyone could poop in peace.
   12. Natalie still bites her nails.  It’s a horrible disgusting habit she wishes she could break.
   13. Natalie still counts on her fingers and really can’t do math in her head.  She has to write everything down.  SHOW YOUR WORK!
   14. Natalie’s favorite pass time is napping.
   15. Natalie eats like a broke college kid.  She seriously could eat cereal for every meal with some PB&J to break up the monotony if necessary.
   16. Natalie’s debit card still says Smith.  Her driver’s license says SmithSchwartz (that’s right, all one word).  Her name on her passport is Schwartz making it the only correct form of picture id.  Not that anyone ever actually checks or cares.  But she does get a giggle out of stores that are trained to hand you back your card and say “thank you Ms. ______(fill in the blank with the last name from the card) and people say Ms. Smith.  It was even funnier when I was with my MIL and her eyes got real big like she was annoyed that my debit card still said Smith. 
   17. Natalie likes to create new words using “Schwartz”.  Some of the favorites are “schwartztastic” (obviously), “schwartzariffic”, “schwartzaria” (when we have pizza for dinner), and “schwartzanate” (when a kid would drop algebra because it was too hard/they were too lazy/when they wouldn’t stop crying while taking my quizzes).
Fun Facts about Chris by Natalie
   18. Chris snores.  Not always, but often enough that I keep earplugs in my nightstand.
   19. Chris is an AWESOME cook.  Everything he makes turns out great and he enjoys doing it.  (I married well!)
   20.Chris and his guy friends get together about once a month and play really embarrassingly geeky games.  I have dubbed it “Nerdfest”. 
   21. Chris can keep a peanut m&m aloft with his breath.
   22.Chris use to work Loss Prevention at Best Buy and use the cameras to peak at Natalie while she worked in the back of the store.
   23.Chris loves to play outdoor soccer.
   24.Chris wishes it was still the 80s, though thankfully he no longer longs for his mullet.
   25.Chris is a super organizer.  He can rearrange and find a home for anything.  He use to come to college and help set up my dorm room and show me where everything belong and I would work hard to put them back in their spot.
   26.Chris likes to chase me around the house and try to touch me when he has cold hands to hear me scream.
   27.Chris has totaled 3 cars in his driving career.  (2 cougars and an escort)
   28.Chris doesn’t talk a whole bunch.  (Which I’m sure you are thinking…well, Natalie talks enough for the both of them.)
   29.Chris loves to play video games but doesn’t have the time because of work and school.
   30.Chris has been going to school for 6 years now and has about 4 more to go.
   31. Chris puts product in his hair.  (Sorry to bust you out, but I’m having a hard time coming up with things because I read your list first and now I just keep wanting to write what you wrote.)
   32.Chris has mad mental math skills.  He’s my human calculator.
   33.Chris used to not be able to stand in front of a group and talk but now he is awesome at it.  He teaches lessons in Elders Quorum, gives talks in Sacrament, and presents projects in classes.  I’m so proud of him.
Fun Facts about Natalie by Chris
   34.Natalie likes to make up songs about what she is currently doing.  She'll fit the words to a tune and it will all make sense!
   35.Natalie starts fictitious letter writing campaigns to companies that she feels deserve a "dressing down.  Each letter always ends in, " you suck.   Sincerely, Natalie Schwartz" 
   36.Natalie's voice will turn mousy when she's being teased or tickled and she wants it to stop.  All she says thought is, "I don't like it"
   37.Natalie has to finish out a show series if she has invested in it by previously watching almost every other episode.  Case in point, ER.  It got really bad in the last season or two, but Natalie held strong and finished it out
   38.Natalie has to watch a Disney movie after watching a scary movie or she won't be able to sleep.
   39.Natalie is so very creative, but is in denial about how creative she is.
   40.Natalie is a heat seeker.
   41. Natalie loves hot cocoa, whether it is flavored, has marshmallows, or just plain chocolate; it doesn't matter.  It just has to be hot!
   42.Natalie is very resistant to change... at first.  If something is changed, then it is only a matter of time before the change is set in her mind as permanent and she is OK with the "change" now.
   43. Natalie is also in denial about how much of a good cook she is... especially baking deserts!
   44. Natalie can talk people into just about anything, she has a gift.
   45. Natalie loves to go to the skating rink, in fact Sarah skated with her mom before she was born.
   46. Natalie loves laser tag and is quite competitive...
   47. Natalie is very competitive about almost everything.  It's OK though because she is the best!
   48. Natalie is quite good at organizing family gatherings and getting everyone together.
   49. Natalie favorite Disney Princess is Sleeping Beauty.
   50. Natalie is a wonderful mother, the best wife, and an awesome friend.
Fun Facts about Chris by Chris
   51. Chris loves to read.
   52.Chris loves solving puzzle problems.
   53. Chris is a know-it-all and enjoys letting everyone know in some sort of condescending manner.
   54. Chris has a birth mark that he was once told was a cigarette burn - the same birth mark would have had him burned at the stake in Salem... according to some hippie
   55. Chris might not ever really grow up.
   56. Chris enjoys doing many things that he is not very good at: Golf, running, talking with people, talking at people..
   57. Chris believes that the zombie apocalypse will happen one day and that he should be prepared for it.
   58. Chris has a collection of knives that at least one friend finds "concerning"
   59. Chris likes to wear shirts and ties and thinks that men should dress like men from the 30's 40's and 50's.
   60. Chris has two favorite numbers, 7 & 13.
   61. Chris used to have long hair but now can't fathom his hair getting longer than 3 inches.
   62. Chris's favorite animal is the cougar, which is also his favorite car.
   63. Chris would like to own a real and functional light saber - it would be green.
   64. Chris sometimes wonders if there was time travel and he went back in time to tell himself not to/to do something, would his life actually turnout any better that it is?
   65. Chris would love to visit Germany and Switzerland again.
   66. Chris loves being in the water, whether it is the ocean, a lake, river, or a pool.
   67. Chris loves being a daddy!
Fun Facts about Sophie
   68. Sophie weighs over 13 pounds. 
   69. Sophie likes to sleep in the rocking chair.
   70. Sophie doesn’t care much for Sarah.
   71.  Sophie has no interest in people food and has never eaten any of ours even if we leave a plate on the floor in front of her.
   72. Sophie drinks with her paws sometimes.
   73. Sophie has jumped in a bathtub full of water—once.
   74. Sophie likes to chase laser light pens and knows the sound of one being picked up off the dresser.
   75. Sophie is afraid of the outdoors, but has gotten braver in her age.
   76. Sophie is the 3rd cat Chris and I have had. (The first 2 didn’t last longer than a week.)
   77. Sophie was named by my mom.  Her name at the adoption place was Amie but there was a girl in my sorority that spelled her name like that and I didn’t want my cat named after her.
   78. Sophie will purr before she lovingly bites you.
   79. Sophie does not like the grill and will attack Chris when he comes in from it.
   80. Sophie does not like to be shut out of a room and will meow outside of it until you open the door.  She’ll then normally walk away.  She didn’t want in, she just doesn’t like to be shut out.
Fun Facts about Sarah
   81. Sarah’s favorite food right now is cheese. 
   82. Sarah’s favorite vegetable right now is carrots.
   83. Sarah was named after Natalie’s Aunt and her middle name is after Natalie’s mom.
   84. Sarah was born preciously on her due date after the Dr. said it wasn’t going to happen and scheduled an induction for New Year’s Eve.
   85. Sarah always has cold hands and likes to touch mommy with them.  She giggles when mommy screams because her hands are so cold.
   86. Sarah doesn’t like to put things on over her head like shirts and bibs.
   87. Sarah knows where the Tupperware cabinet is in the kitchen and will open it and take stuff out while mommy is cooking.
   88. Sarah laughs after she farts.
   89. Sarah cries whenever you lay her on her changing table, regardless of how many things you hand her to try to distract her.
   90. Sarah licks the floor sometimes. 
   91. Sarah wears mostly ET hand-me-downs and we are so VERY VERY thankful for them!!!  (ET has style!)
   92. Sarah doesn’t like to be cuddled like a baby.
   93. Sarah loves the bling and will grab at people bracelets, watches, necklaces, and rings.
   94. Sarah loves to watch people.
   95. Sarah likes to crawl around on the new couch.
   96. Sarah will only wave at herself in the reflection of a mirror or a door.
   97. Sarah whispers to herself.
   98. Sarah sometimes makes mommy think she needs to be an only child.
   99. Sarah sat on the toilet for the first time yesterday.  She didn’t do anything, but she didn’t cry so I guess that’s a good sign.
   100.       Sarah gives the world’s best hugs.


  1. Ok, that was fun! #2 makes me laugh, and it bugs me that we went to the same HS and weren't really good friends. And, I think Dustin and Chris would be really good friends! And, I love that you included Sophie! ANDDDD.. I can't believe Sarah is already sitting on the potty!!!

  2. That was awesome! I am a piler and dweller also! And I have never paid any attentions to your feet, but they don't sould very pretty!You should ask Tom to tell you some of his poop stories, they have had me wetting my pants!

  3. Fun! We have at least one thing in common -- #8 -- I'm horribly passive aggressive and have an unhealthy tendency to dwell. And Ryan and Chris have both owned a Cougar. Neat post!

  4. I would love to see a post including some samples of your fictitious letter writing. Maybe you've already done that, but this is the first time I've read your blog. I'll be coming back! I may consider following. I just wish it wasn't called Following. It seems very stalker-ish that way.

  5. I think 22 is hilarious! I think 97 is adorable and I am not surprised by 88 since she is your daughter and it is probably just a precursor to being like you in 11. Loved the post! SCK (via facebook)

  6. You are competitive? Really? I hadn't noticed.

    #35 - You should send the letters!

  7. #83...only Sarah was actually named after...ME! right?! riiiiight?!

    Love it. That's the first 100 things post that I've enjoyed, and it's made me miss you guys! ya'll are the best!

  8. This is so great! I love it. Sarah is adorable and so are all these pics. Great Post.

  9. #34--Natatie makes up songs. She gets that from dad.

  10. 101. Natalie was named "Most Improved Musician" in the 8th grade. She was totally embarrassed by it. Today, the award is enshrined in the Mt. Pisgah band room.

    102. Natalie is Schwartastic. She will drive all the way from Atoka to Germantown to attend a mediocre middle school band concert just to support her friends.

    103. Natalie is hilarious. At the same said band concert, she will wave like a fool from the balcony while the photographer is taking pictures.