Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 1 Year Old

Dear Sarah,

You are now 1 year old! I can't believe this year has gone by so fast. You are one very special and lucky kid because today, we are spending your first birthday at Disney World in the Magic Kingdom. Your Aunt Sarah is taking you, your mom and dad, your Grandma and Grandpa Smith, and your Auntie Em and Uncle David to the parks. You'll spend the day in the happiest place on earth riding Dumbo and It's a Small World. We are very excited about this!

So, my sweet baby girl, here's how you've grown:

* You are very independent now.
* You know what you want and expresses yourself, mostly by screaming.
* You give high 5s. It's adorable.
* You wave hi and bye, but only when you want to, not on command. However, you always wave at yourself in every reflective surface.
* You are bottle free and on whole milk. You get a sippy cup in the morning and cuddle on the couch with mom.
* Your favorite books right now are your night time books Good Night Moon and The Going to Bed Book.
* You really hate your car seat but probably because it's too small for you and the straps are tight. So we bought your big girl car seat a few days ago and you'll be front facing in it when we get home.
* You still aren't free standing or walking, but we really think it'll be soon. (Or perhaps we are hoping it'll be soon.)
* However, just 2 days ago and really you had a blast doing it yesterday you have started walking while holding on to someone hands. You'll even walk between mommy and daddy holding one hand of each of them. Adorable!
* You love the bling. If someone at church is wearing a bracelet you leap out of my arms to get to them so you can play with it.
* You still LOVE Little Einsteins. And now it is so cute because you flap your arms when they say pat your legs to help Rocket take off and then your raise your hands for blast off. So cute! They helped you get through your first flight.
* You have fallen in love with and selected your first Minnie Mouse doll while at the Boardwalk last night. It was an early birthday present. You were torn for a while between the baby Minnie and the small plush Minnie in the red dress. I'll add pictures later of which one you chose.
* You no longer cooperate with the camera. I'm very sad about this. I think it has negatively impacted my blogging.
* You like to have your hair blown dry.
* You have your own unique language, your GG wants to hear it, but you stop talking when I try to video record you.

I have absolutely loved staying home with you this year. I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me in this decision. I know in today's world being a stay at home mom isn't a popular choice, but there's a quote that I hold very dear, "The most important of the Lord's work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own home." It's true that some days are better than others and believe me, recently as you exert your personality more it's been difficult. Sometimes I miss my job, but then I look at you and realize right now you're the most important student I have. I know your little slide show is a bit long but the second song on there I love and it makes me think of you. My sweet Sarah, I will always love you.

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  1. It won't let me watch the video :(
    But that's ok, I know how absolutely darling Sarah is.
    Happy Birthday! And congrats mommy for making it one year!