Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Schwartz vs Having a Ball

Well, with the last couple of posts being devoid of Sarah, I feel I have neglected my small following of readers who really only come here to get their daily dose of adorable. So there is a collage of cuteness to tide you over. Sarah has always been a fan of balls. She has a set that make different sounds, a set that has different textures, one that lights up when you bounce it, some that pop out of an elephant, some that go to her little front door, and I have recently given her some golf balls to use in the ball drop on her push toy. This girl needs a ball pit! I actually realized that back in June and put it on her list of things to ask for come Christmas or birthday, but didn't suggest it to anyone because I don't know where I'd keep a ball pit.
So the other night she crawled off to her room to retrieve one of her many balls. A few minutes later I hear the tink, tink tink of a ball bouncing on the wood floor in the hall and Sarah giggling like this is the greatest thing she has ever discovered. She would throw it and then laugh and laugh over and over again. It was adorable! I tried to sneak around the corner and get it on film but that little stinker is no longer a fan of the camera and would stop or turn her back to me.
Unfortunately, this is one of those precious things that has it's downside. She now knows that if she throws her balls on the floor, especially the hard floors, they bounce. So she has also started throwing any toy she has in her hand at the floor to see if it bounces too. I guess it's all fun and games until she breaks something and then I get upset.

Here's a little video of the action:

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