Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Training Wheels

I was so terrified about Sarah walking early, I never stopped to think she might be late. Now, I'm not freaking out and worrying, this is merely an observation. I'm surprised that Sarah's not free standing yet. She pulls up and cruises on everything but she won't let go and stand on her own. Ok, so maybe I am worrying a little; we are going to Disney this Christmas and while I don't want to be holding her in every picture with Mickey or a Princess.

Anyway, Sarah has recently started liking her walking toys. She actually goes so fast in them it was pretty hard to take a picture that wasn't blurry. The problem is that our house isn't a open floor plan so there is not a whole lot of room for her to stretch her newly mobile legs. I've also discovered that while wood floors are great for keeping clean (just a swiffer a day) they are not great for teaching Sarah how to walk with a push toy. It took a couple of days for her to figure out fast the push toy goes on our floors. A one point I actually caught her pushing it while she's kneeling. Goober.

So I took the rare opportunity of it not being freezing cold outside yesterday for her to go out and see what she can really do in her walker. She LOVED having more room to run. I actually considered taking her for a walk in this thing but we don't have sidewalks and I didn't want "let baby run around in the road" to go on my list of awesome mom moments. So we kept it to the driveway.

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