Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Thanksgiving 2010

I'm going to go ahead and put up the one semi decent picture I snapped of Sarah in her adorable Thanksgiving outfit.

As we move into this holiday season, I know this is going to be a weird thing to say, but I am thankful for our rotation system.  A long time ago, when Chris and I were still just dating and my family lived in town, we developed a rotation system.  If the Schwartz's have Thanksgiving the Smith's have Christmas and vice versa.  When everyone lived in town, it meant that the hosting family got first dibs on time and we would not leave there until the festivities were completely finished.  However, now that my family has all abandoned me and left the Memphis area, it means I don't have to feel guilty about not seeing or feeling guilty about planning huge Christmas trips with my family to FL.

I watch as friends of my scurry from place to place on holidays trying to make sure they see everyone for a few minute here then a few minutes there.  Nope, I like our laid back holidays.

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving.  This Thanksgiving I'm obviously thankful for Sarah.  This time last year I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and looking at the pictures I was HUGE, but still able to play a rocking game of wiffle ball.  This thanksgiving, instead of looking like a stuffed turkey, I got to enjoy dressing Sarah up in her turkey shirt Laura made and matching turkey hair bow I ordered.  I tried to show her the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade on tv.  She didn't seem to care much for it, and really neither did I, so I don't guess that will become a tradition.  It was freakishly warm outside so I thought about taking Sarah up to watch Chris play in the annual turkey bowl, but instead tried my hand at making the delicious Cameron's Cream Cheese Rolls.  They seemed to be a hit at the dinner table.

Then we headed over to Ma and Pa Schwartz's for the big family feast.  Ma Schwartz never fails to lay out a great spread with enough food to invite the neighborhood over.  And while I tease her about having a separate utensil for everything (no really, they even have a deviled egg fork) I love that on these occasions she gets out the nice china.  It's always beautiful to see the china out on the table, and the family gathered around.  With the 4 mini-Adams, and our beautiful little girl, we actually seem like we're going to out grown the dining room pretty soon.  I just hope they make sure there's a nice big space at the lake where we can set up a few folding tables to fit the ever expanding Schwartz hoard.

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