Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Best Christmas Cards We Ever Sent

This regularly scheduled blog post is brought to you by Shutterfly.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is Christmas cards!  I love them.  I love going to my box and seeing if we got any in the mail today.  I love setting them up on the mantle.  But I especially love the Christmas cards that have pictures of your family.    A lot of our friends have moved away and so their photo Christmas card goes up on the fridge until the next year.  Then I compare how much the kids have grown and change out the card of the fridge.

I'm super excited to send out Christmas Cards this year.  We usually just send out a box of glitter cards to annoy people (admit it, you hate us glitter card senders) but this year we get to send out a picture of our new family!  To gear up for Christmas cards we went to the Christmas card mini session with Shannon Payne Photography, you can check the sneak peak here.  So now, I just have to figure out how many pictures we are going to cram on the card.  Luckily, Shutterfly, has the traditional fold cards that you can customize with pictures and your own text and the flat photo cards.  I can't wait to send out cards this year!

Oh, and while you're trolling Shutterfly's site, check out the other cool things they have like calendars, Holiday Party Invitations, and personalized gifts.

By the way, do you blog?  If so, Shutterfly is giving away 50 FREE holiday cards for bloggers.  Check it out here!  Free is AWESOME!  I love FREE!  If you submit your form it does take a couple of days before they reply and let you know the steps to follow, but it's worth it for 50 FREE CARDS!

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