Monday, November 8, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Blogiversary

Happy Birthday Blog!  You are a year old today!  And why not, here's how you've grown.

* You have 18 followers.  (Go ahead, click the follow button, it won't hurt anything, it just encourages me to write more often.)
* You are 91 posts long and weigh over 300 pictures.
* In June of 2010, Blogger (where you live) started tracking the number of visitors you have and where they came from.  That was pretty exciting.  Here's the highlight of your google stats:
          -Since then you've had over 3,600 hits.
          -On days when I post you average around 30 visitors.
          -The top 3 places your visitors come from to see you are
           1) Facebook, 2) Eliza's blog, and 3) Annie's blog.  (I know she's
           going to be surprised by that.)
          -You've had visitors from the United States, Brazil, Germany,
            Netherlands, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Denmark,
            Australia, and even Spain.
          -The most common way people search for you is "schwartztastic"
            followed by "may the schwartz be with you meaning."
          -The funniest way someone has searched and found you is
           "indecent exposure at Memphis putt putt."  That one blows
           my mind because I've never gotten naked at the putt putt.
          -The most popular post is your first post.  I thought that
            was pretty odd because that's not a very exciting post
            until Chris pointed out that some people probably click on
            there and then scroll through the rest.

Blog, I'm pretty amazed by you.  I've never been good at journaling, but here you are a year old and still going strong.  I think what has made you so successful is allowing you to be public.  Knowing others are waiting to read you makes me write more consistently.  Also, by knowing others are reading you it makes me more careful about what I say, so I think you will survive where my other journals have not.  (I just recently through away without looking back all the journals and diaries I kept as a kid and teenager.  They were embarrassing no one should be allowed to read them or remember me like that so I pitched them.  I also tossed all of the letters that Chris and I exchanged through our dating years.)

So, Blog, for your birthday and in preparation for your printing, I'm going to work on going back to all your old posts and fixing the grammar errors and typos.  And since I'll be working on that, you may not get any new updates for a while, but you'll be all shiny and pretty and hopefully typo free.

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  1. Yep! A little embarassed by that! But I love reading your blog! It's fun to read! But I will also not be coming here as often, I didn't know I was being watched! :) HAPPY 1st BLOGIVERSARY!!