Monday, November 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 11 Month Old

Sweet Sarah, you are 11 months old today!

* You weigh 19 lbs 13 ounces.
* It is becoming increasingly impossible to take your picture because you won't hold still and look at me for one second.
* You are still pulling up to stand using anything that will support your weight.  You've let go a few times but still by accident.  You just haven't figured out how to stand on your own yet.
* You squat while playing with ET's little piano so I know you can stand up unassisted.
* I think you are teething your molars, no one believes me, but some days are just horrible and you drool a lot.  I caved and took you to the doctor to rule out an ear infection (you didn't have one) but he also said your gums didn't look swollen either.  He said it would be odd for your molars to be coming in since they don't usually come until 15 months, but it's also odd that you already have 8 teeth (4 on top, 4 on bottom).
* During this teething you went through a pretty bad week of separation anxiety where you didn't want me more than 6 inches from you.  You've since gotten over that (in fact you are playing happily in your bedroom right now while I type this up) so I think it wasn't really separation anxiety and more you needed mommy for comfort.
* You are very into hugging these days.  You wrap your arms around our necks, squeeze and say "awwwwww".  It's very cute.  I LOVE it.
*  Your favorite books are still The Little Engine that Could, Pouch, and Good Night Moon.  I'm trying to work Star Wars ABC into the mix but only so I can annoy your father by trying to teach you to give Obi-Wan a kiss.
* You've learned to share your food and like to feed mommy and daddy whatever it is that you're having.  You are VERY persistent and know when you dropped it and didn't actually get it into our mouth.  You pick that piece back up from the tray and try again until you get it in our mouth.
* You know the rocking chair rocks and like to crawl over to it and rock it yourself.  The only problem is that's where Sophie sleeps most of the time.  She is not a fan of being rocked by you and has actually hissed at you a few times for it.
* Anytime you are playing you like to "tag home base" as we call it.  You'll randomly stop, crawl quickly over to us and give us a hug, then go back to playing.
* You jibber jab all the time.  It's pretty adorable.  (Until it turns to screaming, then it's not cute at all.)
* You have figured out that things go certain places.  It is really neat to see how you understand where the balls go in your various toys or that the shapes on your little door can be stored is certain spots.  Sometimes you can put them in the right place, but it's hard since you don't have the fine motor skills necessary.
* Likewise, you now know that your paci goes in your bed.  When I pick you up from a nap if it's still in your mouth I take you out of the crib and say "where does paci go" you take it out of your mouth and drop it back down into your crib.
* You know I like to hide things under the furniture in your room.  Every now and then you'll be crawling, think of something and get real low to see what is hiding under there.
* Ma and Pa Schwartz have a peg puzzle you like to play with.  It has shapes.  You know where the red circle goes and put it in it's place perfectly.  If we then hand you another shape to put in you push it away and just take the red circle back out, put it back in and wait for the applause.  So silly!
* You are now just one month away from being a year old!  It is weird to think about that because I still like cuddling with you on the couch while you drink a bottle, but those days will soon be gone.

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