Friday, October 1, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Picky Eater

I actually took these pictures and planned this post almost a month ago.  Since then, it's transformed from being a catchy title talking about her most recent development to almost a true title.  See, this was the day that she started saying no to baby purees and only wanting to eat big people food.  Sarah kept screaming and crying every time I tried to spoon feed her, so I steamed some carrots and green beans and she ate them up!  It just seems too soon.  And I know others get very excited when kids start eating non-blended foods because it makes life easier in some respects.  However, it also makes life a lot messier.  Fruits are sticky and make a huge mess.  I wish she would just let me feed her those for a little longer.

The other day this title though began to take a literal meaning.  I heated up a mix of zucchini, carrots, and green beans.  Sarah actually picked out the green beans and carrots and ate them before she would try the zucchini.  Then this morning I cut up some pears and purple grapes for breakfast.  She dug through the pile picking out the grapes first, and would only eat the pears once the grapes were all gone.

She really does enjoy feeding herself and has enjoyed mac and cheese, turkey, beef and noodles, and even eggs (though I was then told by my dr not to give her eggs until she's one, oops).

And for all you other moms out there if you haven't tried Ella's Kitchen fruit pouches, they are awesome!  They have straw top which allows Sarah to hold the pouch and suck on healthy, organic, pureed fruit.  They are more then I'd like to spend for food on a regular basis but they are a life saver when we're on the go.  On the drive home from FL it was a way for Sarah to get her flavor fix without having to fight about feeding her with a spoon.  We love them!  Plus, it's helped Sarah learn how to drink from a cup with a straw.  Just wanted to share that little gem we've found.

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  1. she's a food separatist, just like Auntie Em!