Monday, October 18, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Paci Ninja

Paci.  Binky.  Noni.  Suckie.  Plug.  It goes by many names and has a sordid history.  Paci use is about as divided as teenage girls over the Twilight boys.  And the funny thing is, I'm not actually sure which camp I fall into.  Sarah uses one and loves it but I don't like her just crawling around with it just to have it so I do try to limit it to bed, car, or mommy's about to lose her mind.  Oh, and she can have it after ouchies.  Yet, she has found ways to get it more often.  We have 8 pacifiers in rotation.  Not because she needs that many but because we started "losing them".  She'd go down for her nap with one and when I went in to get her it was mysteriously missing.  I checked under the bed.  I pulled out the bumper pads.  I moved the crib away from the wall and looked there.  Next nap or bedtime the same thing would happen.  It got to the point where we were actually missing 5 pacifiers and I had to go out and buy a new box!  Some have reappeared but many are still unaccounted for.  

So we were playing happily in the living room and Sarah crawled off into her room.  No big deal, I decided to do some blog reading while she's content.  Except she only crawled in there for a second.  She turns around and starts crawling back out.  I look up and low and behold, what does she have.  ONE OF THE MISSING PACIFIERS!!! She's popped that bad boy in her mouth, content with her search and recovery mission and has returned to play with mommy.  She has some how managed to find a hiding place in her room that she can reach from the confines of her crib.  And Chris and I can't find her stash.  I guess next time she crawls off to play in there I'll have to take on a covert mission to find the hidden paci stash so I can stop buying so many paci's.  


  1. This is halarious! Cam hides everything behind the books on the bookcase. Whenever I can't find my keys, it's the first place I look and I usually find them there. I hope you find her secret hiding spot soon :)

  2. joke. This is a story about Adam as well. Where do they go?? He will toddle off to his room, reach into his crib and pop a NUK in his mouth. Then he comes back out to play. I too am trying to limit to bedtime and church...and doctor's visits :(

    Yeah, so I was on facebook, which I never am, and saw where the blog was updated and decided to check it out. In case you're wondering why or how I came to comment on your blog.

    I also have pics of Adam in his super-cute sleeper that Sarah gave him. I'll have to post them.

  3. Try looking behind and under her crib. That is where ours always end up!