Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Nostalgia and Neurosis

So I have a quirk that not many people know about.  I get really nervous and slightly crazy before large gatherings, reunions, or get togethers that involve people I don't know.  I tell you this because this year I said, "I'm going to Millsaps Homecoming to see my old friends", and immediately the crazy kicked in.

I really hit my stride in college.  I hated high school and pretend like it never happened and had a lot of leftover awkwardness going into my college years.  I joined a sorority and loved those ladies, but never really found my niche until I was stuck in between being a junior and a senior as I worked to graduate a year early.  I weaseled my way into a group project with this group of kids who I sincerely looked at as the cool kids.  (Each group was required to have 1 junior and even though I would graduate in the spring with them, I wouldn't technically be a senior until that spring semester.)  They were so incredibly nice to me, it really blew my mind.  They even let me join their comps study group.  (Of course, I was the study group hussie and somehow managed to collect and compile the information from EVERY study group from senior seminar.)  We studied for comps together and when I got done with oral comps they were all waiting out in the psych department for me and Peeper took me out for ice cream.  (Comps are a big deal.)

Anyway, I still look at these guys as the cool kids.  So the thought of going back and seeing them made me just about break out in hives.  I love Chris, and I don't regret marrying him straight out of college and not pursuing grad school one bit.  But I look at what these guys have accomplished and I feel a little inadequate.  Peeper and Mo are lawyers, Joye is working on her Clinical Psych PhD, Angela finished her doctorate last year and is teaching at Kansas State, and Megan is working in academia and is the most beautiful picturesque quintessential Southern Woman.  And here I am.  I copped out and got a masters in teaching to fill my time before deciding to stay home with Sarah.  I often tell Chris that I want to hang my diplomas up in the kids play room so they know that mommy stays home by choice, and that she actually is an intelligent woman.    

In the end it was a great trip and wonderful to see my old friends again.  I really enjoyed to chance to catch up and have dinner with these amazing women.  Their families are beautiful and Joye was in danger of me stealing her precious little boy until she mentioned he didn't sleep through the night yet.  I'm really glad Chris helped me keep my crazy in check and make the drive to Jackson to see them.  The only thing I regret from this weekend, was that I only took 3 pictures.  Epic fail on my part.
Joye meeting Sarah.  Natalie meeting Jonah.

Joye, Megan, and Natalie

I was going to put an arrow on this picture showing why I took it.  But I couldn't figure out how, so instead I'll make it a fun game.  Do you notice anything in this picture (aside from Sarah not cooperating with her picture being taken?)


  1. What they're doing is amazing and what YOU are doing is just as amazing. I know what you mean though w/ feeling inadequate.

    Today has been a rough day: a disastrous library trip that resulted in me leaving w/ 4 screaming kids.. C busted his lip not too long ago.. M is still an emotional wreck from the library.. and, D is begging to do phonics and driving me loco asking for a snack every 10 seconds.

    Yet somehow, I know it's all worth it in the end. I love the idea of hanging your diplomas in the playroom. That sets a great example for Sarah.

    Btw, their shirts are TOO cute!!

  2. Yes, I see it - just below the front of the stroller is 'your' brick - Natalie Diane Smith 2004 Phi Beta Kappa!

  3. It was great seeing you, Chris, and Sarah! I hope you never feel inadequate because you decided to stay home with Sarah. You're still the smartest one out of all of us plus you have the hardest job! Sarah is one lucky kiddo.