Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Weekend Wrap Up

It was my dad's 58th birthday this past week so I went over to visit with my parents and also to watch General Conference.  Chris had to stay home because he had a group project to work on and a test to study for.  I was less than thrilled and quite bitter that he wasn't coming along to help.  Not because he needed to do school work but because of what happened last time I went out of town alone.  He bragged about how much he was going to get done around the house and then winded up not doing ANY OF IT.  Oh wait, he did one, while I was driving home.  So I had a little resentment left over from that previous homecoming.  This time, I learned my lesson, I only asked him to accomplish 1 thing that was directly related to him.  I asked him to clean up the garage so that he could park in there since it's starting to get cold.  He did a great job!  He still can't park in the garage but it's close and it looks much better.  

He also surprised me by checking off a few other to do's that we've talked about.  He bought a new toothbrush holder since ours still hasn't resurfaced since the flood, and some bed side table lamps that we've been saying we need to get since we moved into this house 4 years ago.  

The weekend had another tragic happening.  We had an accident with some scissors.  (And no I'm not referring to when I turned around to find Sarah with a pair of scissors.  That was scary, this was worse.)  I accidently asked my mother to trim Sarah's bangs.  Her hair has been in her face a lot recently and I just was nervous to trim it on my own.  So I asked mom who confidently said "sure we can do that".  I cry a little inside every time I look at Sarah now.  I guess I just liked her hair shaggy.  But now I definitely can't complain about her hair in her face.  Of course I also have to make sure she has a hair bow in when we leave since her long beautiful hair is gone.

Would you judge me if I got her extensions?
The most exciting thing this weekend though was Aunt Melissa finding a toy that we've been trying to hunt down.  Brand new this thing is over $100 bucks and I'm not paying that much for a toy!  So I've been checking Craig's List once a week for this thing for a reasonable price.  Melissa found it for $8 at a garage sale and Chris ordered the missing pieces on ebay.  Sarah LOVES it!  
I know that's not the best picture, but I couldn't get her to stay still long enough to catch a better one.  See what her hand is pushing, it's a door bell that actually rings.  On the back side there's a light switch.  It also has a mail box, radio, shape sorter, ball drop, clock, and window.  She has been having a blast opening and closing the door.  Sophie has even crawled through it a few times, and so have I (though it takes a little work).  


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Sweetheart! Love!

  2. garage? wow, can he come do mine now? what a thoughtful thing for him to do, whether from fear or love doesn't matter!

    sarah's the cutest kid ever.. short or shaggy hair.

    the toy looks brand new.. what a sweet find!

  3. We shall call her Ceasar

  4. Sarah's hair is cute!!! I didn't know you were looking for that toy-we have it and Lyllian doesn't play with it anymore, you could've borrowed it-but $8?!?!? WOW! What a steal!!

  5. Her hair looks cute! But I'm wondering why you have a 'before' pic of your garage?

  6. I want to come play with the new toy!