Friday, October 29, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Country Couture

Part of living in the sticks is decorating for fall, I think it's actually written into your mortgage contract.  On the way home I pass no less than a dozen well decorated hay stacks complete with scarecrows, pumpkins, and dried corn stalks.  Chris and I have talked about getting hay bales every year since we've moved out here.  We even bought some last year, but then gave them to a friend to use for seating at a party so we didn't decorate.  This year we were set to decorate.  Chris picked up the straw and I mod podged some chipboard letters with pretty fall scrapbook paper.

Consequently, did you know that mod podge is just fancy watered down Elmer's glue and is therefore NOT waterproof?  This information would have been handy before the first torrential downpour.  So our lovely fall decorations survived about a week.  And we never made time to go to the pumpkin patch so there aren't cute pumpkins on the bottom.  But we still have 2 more days until Halloween so perhaps we'll carve pumpkins tomorrow.  And the letters seem salvageable, so hopefully we'll cute and fallified before next weekend.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Schwartz vs 10 Months Old

Oh my goodness Sarah, you are in the double digits.  How did the time go by so fast?

* No stats update, while we do go to the doctor next week it's only for a flu booster.
* You are wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
* You are still a saint when it comes to the bed time routine.  You eat dinner around 5:00, have a bath around 6:15, and your last bottle by 7:00.  Then we say our family prayer and put you in your crib.  You don't say a peep.  I think this is your way of rewarding me for how much you fight me about naps during the day.
* Some days you decide you don't want a morning nap.  However, you go in your crib from about 9:30 to 10:30 and either sleep or entertain yourself.
* You take an afternoon nap from 1:30 to 3:30.  But the previous statement applies here too.  Sometimes you nap, sometimes you entertain yourself.  Sometimes the phone rings and wakes you up and then you will neither nap nor entertain yourself.  (Consequently, I have started trying to remember to take the phone off the hook during those times.)
*  You can stand up without holding on to anything.  You've done it very briefly about 3 times, but you didn't realize you were doing it.  I'm not quite sure how to practice this with you, so I'll let you figure it out when you're ready.
* You have 2 new teeth on the bottom making 4 on top and 4 on bottom.
* You have eaten cat food.  What can I say, you're very quick and persistent.  And you've dumped over Sophie's water bowl at least a dozen times.
*  You have started throwing tantrums.  They suck.  You scream and wail and at times hold your breath. Your face gets very red and splotchy.  What's worse is you're too young to reason with so while I tell you that this tantrum isn't getting you what you want, it doesn't change your course of action.  Most of the time I'm not quite sure what has set you off.  I'm hoping you grow out of this quickly.
*  You give hugs now.  Not accidental, I'm going to call it a hug, but an honest to goodness wrap your arms around mommy's neck and hold on tight.  While playing from time to time you'll crawl over to me so we can hug.  I love it.
* You've said mom, and momma.  They don't mean anything yet, but I'll take it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Wordless Wednesday

I know there's a lot of pictures of Chris giving Sarah a bath but it's their time together.  Chris works full time and goes to school 5 days a week.  He leaves before Sarah wakes up and about twice a week gets home after she's gone to bed.  So days when daddy makes it home in time to do baths is a special treat for all 3 of us.  Sarah loves bath time and is content when I do it.  But only her daddy can get her to giggle in the tub by squirting her belly.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Paci Ninja

Paci.  Binky.  Noni.  Suckie.  Plug.  It goes by many names and has a sordid history.  Paci use is about as divided as teenage girls over the Twilight boys.  And the funny thing is, I'm not actually sure which camp I fall into.  Sarah uses one and loves it but I don't like her just crawling around with it just to have it so I do try to limit it to bed, car, or mommy's about to lose her mind.  Oh, and she can have it after ouchies.  Yet, she has found ways to get it more often.  We have 8 pacifiers in rotation.  Not because she needs that many but because we started "losing them".  She'd go down for her nap with one and when I went in to get her it was mysteriously missing.  I checked under the bed.  I pulled out the bumper pads.  I moved the crib away from the wall and looked there.  Next nap or bedtime the same thing would happen.  It got to the point where we were actually missing 5 pacifiers and I had to go out and buy a new box!  Some have reappeared but many are still unaccounted for.  

So we were playing happily in the living room and Sarah crawled off into her room.  No big deal, I decided to do some blog reading while she's content.  Except she only crawled in there for a second.  She turns around and starts crawling back out.  I look up and low and behold, what does she have.  ONE OF THE MISSING PACIFIERS!!! She's popped that bad boy in her mouth, content with her search and recovery mission and has returned to play with mommy.  She has some how managed to find a hiding place in her room that she can reach from the confines of her crib.  And Chris and I can't find her stash.  I guess next time she crawls off to play in there I'll have to take on a covert mission to find the hidden paci stash so I can stop buying so many paci's.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Nostalgia and Neurosis

So I have a quirk that not many people know about.  I get really nervous and slightly crazy before large gatherings, reunions, or get togethers that involve people I don't know.  I tell you this because this year I said, "I'm going to Millsaps Homecoming to see my old friends", and immediately the crazy kicked in.

I really hit my stride in college.  I hated high school and pretend like it never happened and had a lot of leftover awkwardness going into my college years.  I joined a sorority and loved those ladies, but never really found my niche until I was stuck in between being a junior and a senior as I worked to graduate a year early.  I weaseled my way into a group project with this group of kids who I sincerely looked at as the cool kids.  (Each group was required to have 1 junior and even though I would graduate in the spring with them, I wouldn't technically be a senior until that spring semester.)  They were so incredibly nice to me, it really blew my mind.  They even let me join their comps study group.  (Of course, I was the study group hussie and somehow managed to collect and compile the information from EVERY study group from senior seminar.)  We studied for comps together and when I got done with oral comps they were all waiting out in the psych department for me and Peeper took me out for ice cream.  (Comps are a big deal.)

Anyway, I still look at these guys as the cool kids.  So the thought of going back and seeing them made me just about break out in hives.  I love Chris, and I don't regret marrying him straight out of college and not pursuing grad school one bit.  But I look at what these guys have accomplished and I feel a little inadequate.  Peeper and Mo are lawyers, Joye is working on her Clinical Psych PhD, Angela finished her doctorate last year and is teaching at Kansas State, and Megan is working in academia and is the most beautiful picturesque quintessential Southern Woman.  And here I am.  I copped out and got a masters in teaching to fill my time before deciding to stay home with Sarah.  I often tell Chris that I want to hang my diplomas up in the kids play room so they know that mommy stays home by choice, and that she actually is an intelligent woman.    

In the end it was a great trip and wonderful to see my old friends again.  I really enjoyed to chance to catch up and have dinner with these amazing women.  Their families are beautiful and Joye was in danger of me stealing her precious little boy until she mentioned he didn't sleep through the night yet.  I'm really glad Chris helped me keep my crazy in check and make the drive to Jackson to see them.  The only thing I regret from this weekend, was that I only took 3 pictures.  Epic fail on my part.
Joye meeting Sarah.  Natalie meeting Jonah.

Joye, Megan, and Natalie

I was going to put an arrow on this picture showing why I took it.  But I couldn't figure out how, so instead I'll make it a fun game.  Do you notice anything in this picture (aside from Sarah not cooperating with her picture being taken?)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Schwartz's vs One Angry Kitty

Sophie endures a lot.  Any time she is spotted by Sarah she is immediately greeted by what can only be describe as Sarah's war cry and then chased after.  She has tolerated tail pulls and ear tugs and all without complaint.  Yet there is one thing she will not stand for: a diet.

Summer 2009 Sophie was really sick and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her.  She dropped from her "fluffy" weight of 13 pounds down to 7 and couldn't keep any food down.  At one point she was on 3 different medications, eating a special brand of food, and we even had to take her to get endoscopy just to try to find out what was going on.  (This is also why I know for a fact we will never have another pet.)

Anyway, Sophie has miraculously recovered and is doing great.  So great that we just went in for our annual check up and vaccination boosters and aside from being told that Sophie was "hostile towards" the vet staff (no kidding!) we were told that Sophie now weighs 14.2 pounds and has to go on a diet.  Putting Sophie on a diet is like grounding a child, you're really only punishing yourself.  When Sophie's bowl is empty she goes to extreme measures to let you know how she feels about the situation.  First it starts with just following you around yelling at you.  Then she starts getting under your feet while yelling at you to make sure you know that she's there.  If you make a mistake and sit down she's immediately on you rubbing your face.  When she gets real persistent she will even try to get your attention by interacting with Sarah.  This picture was made possible because her food bowl was empty.  Since I was taking picture of Sarah, Sophie came and started rubbing on her trying to get my attention.  Silly kitty.

So Dr. Neil suggested I cut back Sophie's overall food amount and break it into 3 smaller servings instead of just feeding her twice a day.  I don't think she'll be fooled.  At least I can take some comfort in the fact that she's already taken this out on the vet staff.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Weekend Wrap Up

It was my dad's 58th birthday this past week so I went over to visit with my parents and also to watch General Conference.  Chris had to stay home because he had a group project to work on and a test to study for.  I was less than thrilled and quite bitter that he wasn't coming along to help.  Not because he needed to do school work but because of what happened last time I went out of town alone.  He bragged about how much he was going to get done around the house and then winded up not doing ANY OF IT.  Oh wait, he did one, while I was driving home.  So I had a little resentment left over from that previous homecoming.  This time, I learned my lesson, I only asked him to accomplish 1 thing that was directly related to him.  I asked him to clean up the garage so that he could park in there since it's starting to get cold.  He did a great job!  He still can't park in the garage but it's close and it looks much better.  

He also surprised me by checking off a few other to do's that we've talked about.  He bought a new toothbrush holder since ours still hasn't resurfaced since the flood, and some bed side table lamps that we've been saying we need to get since we moved into this house 4 years ago.  

The weekend had another tragic happening.  We had an accident with some scissors.  (And no I'm not referring to when I turned around to find Sarah with a pair of scissors.  That was scary, this was worse.)  I accidently asked my mother to trim Sarah's bangs.  Her hair has been in her face a lot recently and I just was nervous to trim it on my own.  So I asked mom who confidently said "sure we can do that".  I cry a little inside every time I look at Sarah now.  I guess I just liked her hair shaggy.  But now I definitely can't complain about her hair in her face.  Of course I also have to make sure she has a hair bow in when we leave since her long beautiful hair is gone.

Would you judge me if I got her extensions?
The most exciting thing this weekend though was Aunt Melissa finding a toy that we've been trying to hunt down.  Brand new this thing is over $100 bucks and I'm not paying that much for a toy!  So I've been checking Craig's List once a week for this thing for a reasonable price.  Melissa found it for $8 at a garage sale and Chris ordered the missing pieces on ebay.  Sarah LOVES it!  
I know that's not the best picture, but I couldn't get her to stay still long enough to catch a better one.  See what her hand is pushing, it's a door bell that actually rings.  On the back side there's a light switch.  It also has a mail box, radio, shape sorter, ball drop, clock, and window.  She has been having a blast opening and closing the door.  Sophie has even crawled through it a few times, and so have I (though it takes a little work).  

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Picky Eater

I actually took these pictures and planned this post almost a month ago.  Since then, it's transformed from being a catchy title talking about her most recent development to almost a true title.  See, this was the day that she started saying no to baby purees and only wanting to eat big people food.  Sarah kept screaming and crying every time I tried to spoon feed her, so I steamed some carrots and green beans and she ate them up!  It just seems too soon.  And I know others get very excited when kids start eating non-blended foods because it makes life easier in some respects.  However, it also makes life a lot messier.  Fruits are sticky and make a huge mess.  I wish she would just let me feed her those for a little longer.

The other day this title though began to take a literal meaning.  I heated up a mix of zucchini, carrots, and green beans.  Sarah actually picked out the green beans and carrots and ate them before she would try the zucchini.  Then this morning I cut up some pears and purple grapes for breakfast.  She dug through the pile picking out the grapes first, and would only eat the pears once the grapes were all gone.

She really does enjoy feeding herself and has enjoyed mac and cheese, turkey, beef and noodles, and even eggs (though I was then told by my dr not to give her eggs until she's one, oops).

And for all you other moms out there if you haven't tried Ella's Kitchen fruit pouches, they are awesome!  They have straw top which allows Sarah to hold the pouch and suck on healthy, organic, pureed fruit.  They are more then I'd like to spend for food on a regular basis but they are a life saver when we're on the go.  On the drive home from FL it was a way for Sarah to get her flavor fix without having to fight about feeding her with a spoon.  We love them!  Plus, it's helped Sarah learn how to drink from a cup with a straw.  Just wanted to share that little gem we've found.