Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Wardrobe Change

Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm a big girl.
So will one of you PLEASE explain to my mom that I no longer fit in 3-6 month jammies.  See, you can't button up all the snaps and I manage to work a leg out overnight.  Also, mom I know you want me to stay little forever, but it's time to stop trying to cram me into 0-3 month pants and for goodness sake, let's pack away anything that says "newborn" on the label.  Yes mom, even those casual dresses that are hanging in the closet.  I see you eyeballing them thinking you can put me in a pair of jeans and call them a top.  You can't!  Don't try it.  
Here's a couple bucks I found in your purse when you left it on the chair yesterday.  (I can't believe you thought that was out of my reach...ha!)  Why don't you go to target and buy me something new.  It'll be fun.  Come on...I promise to be a good girl while we're in the store.  I'll smile and wave at everyone we pass.  (Oh and daddy, I've got my eyes on your wallet.  As so as I can figure out how pull out the drawers on the dresser so I can climb up it, that wallet is mine.)

Love you,

(P.S, while I'm looking at these pictures can you please give my bangs a trim.  This is getting a bit out of hand.)


  1. Cousin ET might be able to help you out

  2. I love the post written by Sarah!