Monday, September 20, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Posh Digs

We stayed in the COOLEST condo ever while at Perdido Key.  It was the Windemere #908 (that's just for my future reference in case we ever get to go back I would DEFINITELY want to stay there again!)  It had an awesome balcony that wrapped around since it was an end unit.  A boardwalk over to the beach.  A pool for when you were tired of the ocean and this room came with it's own private pool side cabana with a tv, fridge, sink, and bathroom with a shower to get all the sand off before you headed up to the room.  Awesome right!  However, the best part was that everyone got their own bedroom, even Sarah!
Why, yes, that is a closet.  And we did in all seriousness let Sarah sleep in there and for the record she LOVED it.  Sarah sleeps through the night, but like most babies she wakes up from time to time.  She's just able to put herself back to sleep.  However, we stopped in Jackson on the way down to stay the night and it was miserable!  First she woke up once we got there and then it took 2 more hours to convince her to go back to sleep.  Part of the problem was that she could see us from the pack and play and was quite angry that we weren't rescuing her.  So when we got to the condo and saw our gianormous room there were many places we could have put her.  And then we saw the big closet and thought that was the best place.  And it worked out so well!  Sarah loved how dark it was, she wasn't woken up by the sun streaming in through the windows in the morning.  We could hear her without a monitor.  And we even left the bathroom light on and cracked its door so a little light was in the closet making it easier for us to peak on her.  She slept so soundly she didn't mind us walking through the room after she fell asleep or even turning our bedside lights on.  

So yes Sarah, once upon a time, mommy and daddy did turn a closet into your bedroom.  

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  1. Yeeeeeeeah!! the Schwartz-es!!!! I love your cute little baby girl! (and her name is perfect, too)

    Whenever we went to DC for the summer we had to stay in an apartment and, yep, them babies slept in the closet.