Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Labor Day Weekend

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend!  The weather was great and the company was fantastic (though it did eventually end in a trip to the ER).

Friday, I enjoyed going to a baby shower for a friend who is having her first girl after 2 boys!  How exciting!  Welcome to the world of hair bows and monograms.  I even debuted my crafty side by making her a sign for the hospital door and then later her nursery (if she doesn't throw it away).
Then we really kicked the weekend off with a cook out with the Schwartz fam Saturday.  The weather was so amazing that we sat on the deck after lunch until it was time for dinner.  That's right, we managed to mooch 2 meals out of ma and pa Schwartz.  (Awesome!)

Sunday was some of the same ol' same ol'.  Enjoyed church followed by a nap.  Then some afternoon playing in the backyard and a walk with some good friends at the new neighborhood park in Atoka.  Sarah really enjoyed crawling on the playground equipment and going down the slide and all around just hanging about.
Then Monday we had a great time at the zoo with some friends from church.  The weather was great, the kids enjoyed looking at all the animals.  We even had a nice picnic over by the Teton Trek.  But I think the highlight of the trip was going into the seasonal birds and bees exhibit where you can buy a feeder stick and feed the birds.  Chris and a great time attracting birds onto the stick for Sarah to see and try to reach her hand out and grab.  
We ended the day with our last trip to the outdoor pool and then grilling up some burgers and fingers with the Joiners.  

Sometimes I get a little pouty that I live in the middle of timbuktu.  But then I have days like this where I realize how blessed we are.  We are so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family to spend time with.  It's really a nice that there are so many families at church who live near by and have kids close to Sarah's age that we can call and say "want to meet at the zoo for a walk and a picnic".  And I don't know what we'd do without the Joiners.  Elsie Tate and Sarah are destined to be BFF's.  Not to mention all the good times and great laughs the adults enjoy together.  I guess all you can say is, good friends are family.

(I think this is another example of one of Sarah's not so great pictures.  But it was the only family pic we took at the zoo.)

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  1. okay dear, but you started with a teaser about ending up at the emergency room...what's up with that?