Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Gene Pool

So as Sarah is getting older, she's starting to show whose genes were more determined to pass their information along.  When she was a baby, EVERYONE said she looked like Chris.  I'm actually not really good at "seeing" people in her, so honestly I can't tell who she looks like.  But that might also be because Chris and I look freakishly similar.  We've been told by more than one person that we look like siblings, which is really creepy and annoying.  What adult holds hands with their brother?  Anyway, I digress.

This past week I've realized that I passed a long a very persistent and not so pleasant trait.  I, my friends, am NOT a morning person.  Never have been, and despite the best intentions, I probably never will be. I love my sleep; I especially love my sleep in the morning.  There's nothing better than sleeping in.  Unfortunately, Sarah has not yet discovered the joys of sleeping in.  So every morning 7 am she wakes up...ticked off.  There is no happy playing in her crib sounds like after naps.  Nope, there are just shrills and wails.  And pretty much nothing will make her happy until she's fully awake and no longer irritated (this usually happens around 8.)  What is REALLY funny though, is that was EXACTLY the way I was when I worked.  I got up at 7, irritated to be awake, got ready for work and then drove to school.  Some people would ask if the 30 min commute irritated me.  Nope, because by the time I got to work by 8, I was no longer in my cranky morning mood.  

Let me just say, I'm not looking forward to trying to wake the monster for early morning seminary during her high school years and am contemplating moving to Utah for those 4 years to enjoy during school hours seminary and avoid having another seminary drop out in the family.  

Crabby Sarah


  1. Yeah, I'm totally seeing the crabby. :-P

  2. I'm putting a note in my planner 14 years out to call the Bishop to recommend a good Seminary teacher.