Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Disney on Ice

Amazingly Adorable!

So what started out as a Daddy/Daughter date:

Luckily turned into a family affair and we all got enjoy taking Sarah to Disney on Ice with her BFF Elsie Tate.  I must admit that I was apprehensive at first.  I didn't know how Sarah was going to handle having to sit on our laps for however long the show was.  But with the music and people moving on the ice she was pretty entertained.  Plus, there were tons of people for her to look around at in the box and of course cheerios to bribe her with.  She did a good job and I think she liked it as much as a 9 month old could.    I also had one of those mom moments where I didn't see much of the show because I was looking at Sarah and watching her expressions.  I therefore missed it when one of the people fell.  (Bummer, because that's the best part of ice skating.)

One of the great things was the Joiners got tickets to their company box so the girls had a chance to crawl around and play during intermission.  I think that helped break up the show for them and made Sarah less cranky then she might have been.
Here are the girls sitting in the comfy club chair giving each other a hug.  

For the record and posterity: I just want it to go down in the history books that I, uncrafty Natalie, made the matching tutus for the girls.  I am SO proud of myself. They turned out GREAT!  I even called mom and dad before I tried it on Sarah for the first time and made them get on video chat so they could see her in it.  I then proceeded to go to Auntie Cami's after the show so she could see Sarah in her adorable purple tutu.  And when we got to the baseball field to go visit with Tomi I pulled the tutu out to put on her again and Chris said "really, that again".  Yes that again!  It's so stinkin' cute, Tomi had to see her in it.  It was definitely worth staying up late to make for the girls.  There were many on lookers who pointed and ET and Sarah and said how cute they looked.  

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