Monday, September 20, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Beach Baby

Wow!  I think that's the best word to summarize our past family trip to Perdido Key.  We had a fantastic time taking in some sun, surf, and just hanging out with the Schwartz fam.  A HUGE thank you goes to Ma and Pa Schwartz for organizing and orchestrating the activity and for the 3Hs for entertaining Sarah so well.

This was Sarah's first trip to the beach and it's safe to say she ate enough sand to poop out a castle.

This is her first time crawling around on the sand.  She ate a few handfuls and cried every time, but kept picking them up and trying again.  I really think she did enjoy the sand, until she got a little tired and rubbed some in her eyes.  Then it was no fun for her.  

The 2nd day she was being a little paci addict so this was the best picture I could snap before we headed down to join the others on the beach.  She also didn't take her morning nap which was probably my fault because I was so excited to get down to the water.  Anyway, so she was a little cranky faced.Daddy set up a blow up pool to create a sand free zone for her to hopefully deter the sand eating.  So instead she chewed on a shovel while Chis, Adam, Dennis, and the boys built a sand castle.   
And of course what trip to the beach would be complete without a walk in the sand?Check out that carrier!  It means serious business and takes the whole "daddy pack" to the next level.  While we're walking Chris says, "I wouldn't mind one of these for my birthday"...keep dreaming.  But that thing was pretty awesome!

We headed into Pensacola one evening to go to Flounders.  Angela introduced me to that place when she and I went to FL after we both got our masters so now Chris and I have gone ever time we've been to the Pensacola area (a whooping 2 times).  It's a neat place with great seafood.  Sarah ate some mac and cheese and since we were out past her bed time she rubbed some in her eye on accident.  It became red and swollen and scared me to death.  I didn't even take a picture I was so worried!  But luckily it worked itself out and was much better the next day.So we spent Saturday at the pool since Sarah LOVES the pool so much.  She swam and splashed and played for more than an hour.  And then crashed when we got back to the room.  Awesome!  After her nap the guys were back from golfing so we took the kids to the Perdido Key Kids park which was way cool.  It was built by I think 800 volunteers in 9 days.    It had tons of swings and cool wooden structures for the kids to play on and even a couple of rock climbing walls!  I wish we had one of those up here in Atoka to play on.  

We had such a great time!  I've got a few other stories to tell from the trip.  But I didn't think to take pictures to go along with the best story so that post will be forth coming.  For now, I have to grab Sarah and go get ready to go to the Y.   


  1. Could that baby be any cuter? Those may be the cutest swimsuits and outfits I've ever seen. How'd she do in the car? I think a beach vacation sounds so nice but I fear the long car ride.

  2. My family loves Flounders! We go there every year that we go to Pensacola.