Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Bat Attack

Picture this.  (Ok, that picture really doesn't go with the story but the balcony it was taken on will be referenced.)  After a long drive and playing on the beach it was time to head out to dinner.  However, there was no way Sarah was going to make it through a meal out, so I offered to stay back at the condo and put Sarah down while everyone else went out.  Sarah was POOPED and went down early (6:30) and I settled down to watch some junk on tv.  As I was relaxing all of a sudden something started soaring around the living room.  It came out of now and in this telling of the story it was so big and got so close I could see that it was wearing a Team Jacob tshirt.  Anyway, I flipped out.  Sarah is asleep in her closet and a vampire bat is sailing around the room.  I run out onto the balcony to assess the situation.  I decide to open the sliding door and hope that the bat flies out.  Instead, on its trek towards freedom, the thing slams into the ceiling fan and falls to the ground by the dining table.    I am freaking out.  I don't know if its dead or just stunned but either way I'm not getting close enough to it to find out.  So now I'm really weighing my options.  I could go with my standard cover it with a bowl plan.  (Which would have been cool because then I could have taken a picture of it.)  But I decide, I don't want to get that close to it to have to set the bowl down on top of it.  So I have to go with throwing something over it to cover it up.  The only thing close by that I could toss and have it land on top of the bat and not break is Chris's mom's hat.  So I did what I had to do and tossed good ol' mother-in-law's hat onto of the bat, grabbed my cell phone, and ran out to the balcony where I proceeded to camp out until the guys got home to deal with the bat situation.

And might I add, it's a good thing I did cover the bat with the hat (that's fun to say) because when Chris got home, he slid a magazine under the hat and transported it outside.  When he lifted the hat, the bat was clinging to the inside of it and flew off to freedom.  That thing survived the fan strike!

Luckily, Sarah and I did too.


  1. Creepy! Aren't those things supposed to be nocturnal? They are so ugly and nasty; I would've totally freaked out too. Yuck. What'd your MIL have to say about using her hat?! lol, too funny.

  2. You really should have gotten a picture of the bat!