Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 9 month old

Sarah you are now 9 months old!
Status update:
* 16 lbs 12 ounces (in the 12th percentile)
*  27.75 inches long (50th percentile)
*  Head...I forgot to write down, but I remember them saying it was in the 25th percentile)

* You like to go run errands because there are lots of people for you to smile at.  You especially like it when anyone talks to you.  You babble back.
* I think you wave hi to people who wave hi to you.  At first I thought you were just flailing with excitement, but recently you will wave with one hand if someone waves first.  (You still flail with both if you're excited.)
*  You have a little boyfriend at church.  During Elders Quorm a couple of Sundays ago, you and he shared a chair and banged on it the whole time.
*  You survived your first long car ride and did a really good job.
*  You are no longer a big fan of the baby food purees.  You enjoy feeding yourself and especially like green beans and carrots.
*  When we go out to eat we usually order you some mac and cheese.  You seem to enjoy that too.
*  You tried yogurt for the first time tonight and were angry when it was gone.
*  You are doing better with naps.  We try to have you take a 1 hour morning nap.  I'm not actually sure if you sleep, but you don't scream the whole time.  Then you take about 1.5 to 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  You go to bed between 7 and 7:30 and are SUPPOSED to sleep until 7 the next morning.  Sometimes you wake up earlier but you stay content until we come to get you at 7.
* You like daddy more than mommy now.  You bounce and kick your legs when he comes in the room and I swear it sounds like you're saying "hi dada".
*  You and Sophie are getting along better.  She even lets you pet her a few times, but runs away pretty quickly when you let out one of your amazonian screams.
*  You like to play hide and seek with mommy.  Mommy crawls into the guest bedroom and hides behind the bed.  You crawl after her and when you get into the room you make a little "hey" noise.  Then mommy jumps out and says "boo!".  You laugh and crawl over to mommy and climb on top of her.  The she crawls away and the game starts again.
*  You are a very happy and good girl and we love you very much.

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