Friday, August 13, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Secret Love Affair

So it's true you can't pick your child's lovie for them.  They will pick it themselves and you have no control over it.  This love affair was kept a secret from us for some time because they only saw each other occasionally.  Not like her other jilted lovies who sleep with her and play with her every day.
(From left to right)  Violet plays Sarah music and even sings songs about her favorite animal, color, and food (bacon) and calls Sarah by name.  Monkey has slept in Sarah's bed with her since she moved into her own crib.  Lion (original name I know) was given to her by Grandma Smith and has been the soft spot that Sarah has laid her head on since she was a newborn.  And Buttercup was the bear Chris gave me for our first Valentines that I saved for our first child.  Yet none of these stole Sarah's heart quite like her current companion.  Sure, she loves to play with these and smiles real big with Violet sings to her.  

But this smile is reserved for her one and only:

I walked in the room with him and she immediately turned around and made a b-line for us.  

Yes, my daughter is in love with a Who.

"Oh Who!  I've missed you!"

It's funny because Who-doll is her car companion.  I  knew she loved him because she immediately stops fussing the moment she gets him in the car and will actually lean forward and try to pick him up off the seat while she's being buckled in.  But we really didn't know the extent of her love for the Who until she stayed at the grandparents and Who got to come in the house.  She would crawl across the room and stand up against the couch to get her Who-doll.  Unfortunately Who-doll only got to come in for a washing and this photo opportunity.  He's heading back out to the car when we go to the Y later today.  


  1. Maybe it's because they have similar hair styles. (well, before her's got long enough to stay down)

  2. Yes Amy. A friend of ours actually bought it for Sarah when her hair stood up because he said they looked alike.

  3. My kids picked burp cloths as their lovies. Yeah, I'd much rather the Who! I can't believe she's already crawling.. wasn't it JUST December?

  4. I had this pink pillow appropriately named "Pinkie." I slept with it every night until I was almost 10 years old (old, I know). My mother killed it by putting it in the wash machine on "heavy soil." Stuffing went everywhere, and the thought of Pinkie's demise still breaks my heart! I tell you all of this to tell you to NEVER put Sarah's Who in the wash machine on "heavy soil." Bad things ensue.