Monday, August 2, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Reality Check

Well, I knew this day was coming and this post was to go along with it, but in true form I put it off until here it was.  I think it has something to do with my strong sense of denial.  But today all my friends went back to work thus cementing my decision to become gainfully unemployed.  Not that I don't work, I do.  I just don't get paid with monetary rewards.  I get paid with open mouth kisses that seem more like someone is trying to eat my face, hair pulls which I'll construe as hugs, and smiles which melt my heart.

This was always the plan.  Chris and I decided that I would stay home when we had kids before we married, but it doesn't change how hard this decision was.  Those who know me know that I'm an avid goal maker and well, while Sarah has checked off a big to-do, her timing also inhibited another item from being marked off.  I missed getting my professional license and tenure by 1 day!  And while that was hard to learn last year, I think ultimately it made my ability to stick to this decision easier.  I had intended to go back and finish the school year last year to get my license and tenure but when they said I would not get it and I'd have to return and work this school year, well, to summarize I said "forget it".

While I have a lot of opinions/complaints about the education system and plenty of suggestions for how to fix it, I cannot deny that I am going to miss my Pisgah homies.

So here are some of the highlights from the past 2 1/2 years.
Tard Herding, hidden fridges and special packages, Party Pips, "What it do", the General, "See what had happened was....", walking the loop, not planning during planning, sending down money late...everyday, my first year kids, "how far apart were the desks", gateway scores, "cold and off putting", old building seclusion, new building banishment to germantown parkway (it was a conspiracy to get me to do work during planning...instead I converted another to lack of productivity), staying way too late after work to accomplish too few things, stickettes and skank squads, inservice days and even better inservice on the computer, hot chocolate, the Consequence Fairy, giving "too much homework" and not backing down, teaching kids math (but really it was teaching kids work ethic), Reginald, co-teaching (thanks Ms. Auth!), my twin for twin days (I'm tempted to come up that day so we can be twins again, I'll even chaperone the dance), hexagon stencils, band concerts, tennis ball throwing, baked potatoes, ear plugs to survive pep rallies, and anything else I can't think of right now off the top of my head.

But really, if you were me, how could you ever leave this:
Highlights Addendum:
...highlight of C.N's day, making "The List", being referred to as a mini-Bryson (awesome!), Cordova H.S guidance counselor's meeting while I was on maternity leave (Biggest Compliment I ever got), fire marshall visits (thanks Susan), 


  1. Without a doubt and excellent decision! You will never regret being home for your kids!

  2. I second Amy's comment! The best and most rewarding job there is! And really how COULD you ever leave that?!?!