Monday, August 30, 2010

The Schwartz's vs a Break in the Heat Wave

To say this summer has been hot would be an understatement.  I laughed a number of times when I passed a local credit union whose sign would flash between 111 and 120 degrees (with the heat index).  It has been CRAZY hot.  So much of what we love to do has been canceled because of the heat.  We have even checked the mail only ONCE per day and sometimes that was from the car with the air running full blast.  

So Sarah and I have been very excited to enjoy some finally cooler weather.  We get a nice bit of shade in the afternoon and go outside and toss a blanket on the grass and enjoy the sporadic breeze.  It's actually nice enough to start back our evening walks, but we'll have to take a few without Chris since he's back to school today.  (Only 4 more years to go hopefully!)

Yeah, so after I took this picture I realized that I have quite a few pictures of me and Sarah and I'm wearing that shirt.  I made me feel bad, so I went and bought some more "nice" tshirts (I have a whole tshirt organization system.  It actually got to the point where I asked Chris to stop putting my tshirts away for me because he was putting them in the wrong stacks in my drawer.)  So hopefully you won't be seeing me in this shirt anymore unless the picture is taken post gym--pre shower.  (Because this tshirt is in the gym/cleaning the house classification.)

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  1. lol.. love the t-shirt organization! it's still too hot out there for me. kudos to you!