Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Blogging Award

I think this is some sort of blog-esque chain letter.   But the fact that someone reads and enjoys my blog makes me not care.

So here you have it, my first blog award:

So since I have received this award I must 1) thank the blogger who sent it to you, 2) sum up your blogging philosophy in about 10 words, and then 3) honor ten other bloggers you think have real substance (or else I'm sure some ill will be fall me per the rules of all standard chain letters...just kidding).

First I must say in my best Sally Field's voice "You like really really like me."  And then I must thank Bekah who gave me this award and inspires me on a daily basis.  Sometimes I blog just for her because I know Bekah checks on my blog every day.  She is truly one of the most amazing and fantastic people I've ever met.  She is an inspiration in her faith, devotional to family, and ability to average a $1 or less per item when she goes shopping.  I've been blessed to be raised in the LDS church, and yet Bekah, who has only been a member since college, is the type of Morman mom I strive to be.  (So would it also be inappropriate to admit while I was writing that the Bud Light Real Men of Genius song was playing in my head...)

Anyway, step 2 sum up my blogging philosophy in about 10 words. Hmmmmmm.....
My private journal made public for viewers and voyeurs alike. 

There's your 10 words.  And here's the truth.  This blog started because Chris and I were bored near the end of the pregnancy and when he came up with a great name it had to be acted upon.  We thought, hey, since my family has all moved away perhaps we should blog so they can keep in touch.  I called my parents and told them I was starting a blog, they told me "that's nice, we're not going to read it".  I called my sister in law and told her I had a blog, she said "I don't blog".  Thankfully, I found out my other sister in law...WHO LIVES IN TOWN reads my blog, checks it daily, and texts me if I haven't updated in a while.  And my sister reads my blog regularly showing off her niece to her coworkers.  So at least some of my family members are reading this.  However, I must be doing something right because today my MOM added herself to my list of followers.  HI MOM!!!  So my goal is to every January have my blog printed and save these books as our family journals.  If I wind up being a scrapbook slacker they may have to double as baby books too.  But I'm hoping one day after I'm long dead and gone, some distant relative will read this and say two very important things, 1) "Grandma Natalie was HILARIOUS" and 2) "Grandma Natalie is quite the looker isn't she."

Step 3, honor others.  So here's the other blogs that I follow regularly and a tid bit of why:
1)  Jana is one of those professional bloggers.  Who is so awesome at it she has a million bajillion followers.  She makes me laugh so hard I snort sometimes.
2)  Alyson teaches to fund her craft habit.  She is amazing and so very creative!
3)  Katie is another one of those moms that I don't actually know, but I found her blog through someone else's blog and enjoy it so much I check it daily.
4)  Kayleen has 2 blogs her family one which I like to check on since I miss them so much, and then her craft blog.  She is so talented.  Here's a link to her craft blog if you want to check it out it's got lots of great ideas.
5)  Eliza's blog is great and one of the reasons I started blogging.  I was reading her blog one day while the kids were tests and I lost it.  I rarely have those laugh out loud moments but I definitely lost it that day.
6)  Laura is another one of my really talented and crafty friends.  Here's a blog to showcase what she can do.  (Feel free to make a purchase also.)
7)  Sarah moved away a while ago and I was super excited to find her blog.  She is so witty and makes the best photoshop jokes.
8)  Melissa is another one of my good friends who moved, so I enjoy keeping up with her family.
9)  Kelly, yet another professional blogger.
10)  Brown Paper Packages and I'll end with a craft blog.

What no picture of Sarah?  Have no fear, here it is.

She's super excited about the blog award too.  Also, note, she voted today.  Doing her democratic duty that's what I'm talkin' about.


  1. wow, those were some super nice things you said about me.. thanks! i see that sarah has her vampire teeth coming in!

  2. Oh, I feel so special! I have made it in the blog world-I got an award! Thank you!