Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 8 Month Old

Sarah, you are 8 months old today.  Here's what you've been up to:
* You are a very *busy* girl and you definitely keep us on our toes.
* You LOVE to crawl.  Especially when crawling is directly linked with chasing Sophie.  
* You pull yourself up to stand with the aid of anything you can.
* You are mommy's little work out buddy.  You enjoy the nursery at the gym so much that I feel guilty when I don't go.  You really enjoy crawling around after the different toys and playing with the other kids.  The ladies enjoy having you in there and often tell me about how much you smile and love it when the other kids bring you toys to play with.
* You are getting more vocal.  I can't really say that you are babbling, but you do that from time to time. Mostly you say the syllables "ba", "bo", and "da" and you just string the same one together over and over.  Daddy answers whenever you happen to string "dadada" together.  
* For the most part when we're home together you don't really babble at me, you just make funny noises and screech.  I couldn't figure out why until I noticed yesterday that I make the same noises when we're playing.  Whoops.  
* You've got 4 top teeth, 2 bottom teeth, and a few molar peeks.  
* You're wearing a size 3 diaper, 6 to 9 month onesies, 3 to 6 month footie pjs that we cram you into because we haven't bought you new pjs that fit (sorry), and dresses from sizes 3/6 to 6/9 months.  If you fit the 3 month dresses those are a little better for crawling purposes but you're starting to outgrow them.
* You smile all the time, we LOVE it.  You really are a happy girl.
* You got a busy ball popper and you like it long enough to get 2 of the plastic balls from it and then you crawl away with them.  
* If we thought you liked the outdoor pool before you REALLY like it now that you can crawl with your belly off the ground.  You were splashing all over the place as you crawled around the other night.  Too bad it closes on Labor Day.  
* You are a little bundle of energy and love wrapped up with a beautiful smile and a pretty hair bow.

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