Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Highlight of My Day

So I live out in the middle of nowhere.  You literally drive past cotton and corn fields to get to my "neighborhood" and yes, more then once I have said that I need to "run to town" or "sorry I'm late, I got stuck behind a's cotton pickin' season".  So the list things to do out here, especially with a baby, is needless to say short.

The highlight of my day is checking the mail.  Yes, that short walk to the mailbox is so exciting I sometimes do it twice.  Yep.  Twice.  No, I'm not kidding, you did read that correctly.  How is it that I check the mail twice?  Does our mail run two times a day.  Nope.  I check it first around noonish to see sure enough, we got mail.  Then Sarah and I go back in and get ready for her nap.  Then after her nap, we check it again and sometimes bring it in. Sometimes...why Natalie does that mean that you actually will go to the mailbox not once but twice in one day and not bring it in.  Are you crazy? Are you saving the mail for a potential third trip to the box?  Nope, sometimes if it's nothing but bills and I don't feel like having to sort through them I leave them in the box and then I tell Chris, "I didn't get the mail today."  Not I didn't check the mail, because I did.  I just chose to leave it in the box for him.

So there you have it. Checking the mail--my favorite thing on my daily to do list.

And I'll end this post with the obligatory picture of the cutest Sarah ever.


  1. Holy Cow - in the summer, checking the mail is a highlight of my day too - this includes e-mail though as well. :) And you are right - Cutest Sarah Ever!!!

  2. by far, the cutest sarah ever. highlight of my day: NOT checking the mail. it's TOO blasted hot outside. i'll go w/ getting a shower!

  3. This picture of Sarah looks a lot like your mother. Cute! Loved your post! There's something about walking to a mailbox after being inside all day.