Friday, July 16, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Commando Crawler

About 2 weeks ago Sarah started commando crawling.  Her biggest inspiration or motivation for this feat was Sophie.  She came in the room, was spotted, and wanted.  Sarah inched her way across the carpet as Sophie pranced just out of her reach.  Now Sarah is quite quick at her commando crawl.  Mobility suites her though.  She loves crawling around her room checking out every corner or pulling out the books I hide under her dressers.  However, I've lost the little bit of freedom I had.  I can't just put her down and run to the restroom real quick.  When I did that, I looked up to see a little girl who had inched her way out of her room, down the hall and was peaking at me in the doorway.

Since she's not up on her knees yet, pictures of her crawling just look like tummy time.  So here's a quick video.

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