Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 7 Month Old

Sarah you're 7 months old today!  

*  We don't know how much you weigh or how long you are because this is the first time you haven't had to go in for a monthly weight check! 
*  You can sit up well.
*  You can army crawl.
*  You pull your knees under you and rock, but haven't started crawling on your knees yet.  It seems like it won't be too long though.
*  You're doing better about sitting on my lap for story time and not trying to rip the book out of my hands.
*  Your favorite story is The Little Engine that Could
*  You've been to the pool many times, but you seem to enjoy it now that you can crawl.  You try to crawl in the water but we have to keep our hand under you to keep your belly up so you don't face plant.
*  You don't seem to enjoy baths anymore now that mommy doesn't sit in the tub with you.
*  You wear a size 2 diaper.  (But I'm thinking about moving you up to size 3 just because they are made for crawling.)
*  You wear a size 2 shoe when you let me put shoes on you.  Putting shoes on you is actually hilarious, you ball your toes up and make it impossible to put them on.  Then if I can actually get them on you try to chew on them the entire time they are on your foot until I finally give up and take them off of you.
*  You are still a GREAT eater.  Your favorite vegetable is green beans, and your favorite fruit is bananas.  
*  You can feed yourself Gerber puffs.  You really like them.
*  1 of your 2 top fangs has come in, the other one is working on it (right now actually, making naps impossible).  I think we'll dress you up as a vampire for halloween.  
*  You are starting to make your personality more known.  It's funny because you seem to be very opinionated.  I wonder where you get that from.  Poor daddy.

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