Monday, July 12, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 4th of July (a little late, I'm sorry)

Alright, I'm late, give me a break.  We will have another post soon that will explain why I've been leaving you all Schwartzless.

So, on to the 4th of July post.

So we went to the annual Atoka fireworks extravaganza.  And I use that term very loosely.  Though we've lived out here for 4 years, we've only been to it once before and it was so laughable that we never went again.  So when our good friends called and asked us to go, we only went because we really like those friends.  We wound up having a great time, must have been the company because the "show" certainly wasn't any different.
Sarah and her buddy ET.

Here's Chris and Sarah enjoying the fireworks.  So the show is put on by the family that owns the gas station and the firework stand that they put up across the street.  It's basically an advertisement for the fireworks they sell.  And the best part is the "show" is actually watching them run over, light a wick with a punk and then run away.  Good times!

But seriously, they did a nice job this year.  There was a band and bbq and all 3 fire trucks waiting to put one of the guys out if it goes wrong.

Sarah enjoyed the show.  I think this is a good time, she's too young to be scared of them so wasn't even startled at the big booms.  And I love fireworks so I'm hoping she continues to enjoy them too.  
What a party animal!  It was well past her bedtime and she missed a nap that day too.  But she is such a trooper and had a great time playing with her friends and enjoying looking at all the people.

Next stop, a firework show at the redbirds.  I think she'll enjoy playing on the bluff and watching the fireworks they put up.  But then again, that would be REALLY past her bed time.  Maybe a few months from now she'll be ready for that.

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