Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 7 Month Old

Sarah you're 7 months old today!  

*  We don't know how much you weigh or how long you are because this is the first time you haven't had to go in for a monthly weight check! 
*  You can sit up well.
*  You can army crawl.
*  You pull your knees under you and rock, but haven't started crawling on your knees yet.  It seems like it won't be too long though.
*  You're doing better about sitting on my lap for story time and not trying to rip the book out of my hands.
*  Your favorite story is The Little Engine that Could
*  You've been to the pool many times, but you seem to enjoy it now that you can crawl.  You try to crawl in the water but we have to keep our hand under you to keep your belly up so you don't face plant.
*  You don't seem to enjoy baths anymore now that mommy doesn't sit in the tub with you.
*  You wear a size 2 diaper.  (But I'm thinking about moving you up to size 3 just because they are made for crawling.)
*  You wear a size 2 shoe when you let me put shoes on you.  Putting shoes on you is actually hilarious, you ball your toes up and make it impossible to put them on.  Then if I can actually get them on you try to chew on them the entire time they are on your foot until I finally give up and take them off of you.
*  You are still a GREAT eater.  Your favorite vegetable is green beans, and your favorite fruit is bananas.  
*  You can feed yourself Gerber puffs.  You really like them.
*  1 of your 2 top fangs has come in, the other one is working on it (right now actually, making naps impossible).  I think we'll dress you up as a vampire for halloween.  
*  You are starting to make your personality more known.  It's funny because you seem to be very opinionated.  I wonder where you get that from.  Poor daddy.

The Schwartz vs the 27 Happys

In honor of my 27th birthday I would like to share a list of 27 things that make me happy (in no particular order).

1.  Obviously, being married to Chris.

2.  My beautiful baby girl Sarah.
3.  The rest of my crazy family.
4.  Great friends.
5.  Sophie
6.  Peanut M&Ms (I try to not keep them in the house because I could tear a whole package open and dump them straight into my mouth.)  (Chris can actually blow a stream of air and keep a peanut M&M aloft with it then catch it in his mouth.  That's one of the reasons I married him.)
7.  Digital camera and iPhoto.  (I LOVE looking at pictures.)
8.  Vacations.  (Our trip to Europe is still one of my favorite things to flip through the pictures of.)

9.  Hot baths, hot showers, hot tubs.  If I don't come out pink, it wasn't hot enough.
10.  Getting mail, not just checking it but having something in the mail that's not a bill that's for me.  
11.  Smores
12.  Campfire blasts from Sonic, too bad they are for a limited time only.
13.  Crop dusting, if you know me, you know it.  Especially around Cameron.
14.  Yoga, who knew I would enjoy it so much.  I'm by far not as good as the skinny tan woman next to me, but I don't fall on my face as often as I use to so that's good.  And I can actually lay still during the final relaxation which is a HUGE improvement.
15.  Girls camp.  Only at girls camp can I do stuff like this and have a crowd of people cheer me on.
16.  Nap time.
17.  Naps.
18.  Blogging.  I enjoy doing this because 1) I'm using it as our family journal, and 2) I hope someone gets a laugh out of what I write from time to time.
19.  McDonalds chicken mcnuggets drenched in their sweet and sour sauce. (Had that for dinner last night as a pre-birthday celebration.)
20.  Working out (see above as the reason why.)
21.   Red velvet cake, sure I felt a little lied to when I found out it was just chocolate cake with red food coloring, but it's still my favorite.
22.  Facebook.  I'm a facebook stalker, so is everyone else.  So just get over it and post more pictures so I have something to look at.  =)
23.  Laughing.  
24.  Sleeping in.
25.  Flip flops.  Since becoming a stay at home mom I only wear "real' shoes to church and then sneakers to the gym.
26.  Hydrangeas.  I've actually managed to keep this plant alive in my front flower bed.
27.  Nerdy series.  Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twilight...

So for this next year I'd like to set some goals and hopefully post how successful I was:

*  Smile more, I'm a happy person but I don't smile all the time and so Sarah doesn't really either.  I think if I smile more she'll smile more.  It's just a thought.
*  Pray more.  
*  Finish a 5K.  Note the wording, I may not necessarily run it, but my butt will cross a 5K finish line.
*  Work out 3 times a week.
*  Read 1 book a month 
Ok, that's enough, too many goals and none of them will happen.  So if you see me, make sure I'm smiling.  But don't ask me how my 5K is going, because it might make me cranky.  I'm not great at running.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Highlight of My Day

So I live out in the middle of nowhere.  You literally drive past cotton and corn fields to get to my "neighborhood" and yes, more then once I have said that I need to "run to town" or "sorry I'm late, I got stuck behind a's cotton pickin' season".  So the list things to do out here, especially with a baby, is needless to say short.

The highlight of my day is checking the mail.  Yes, that short walk to the mailbox is so exciting I sometimes do it twice.  Yep.  Twice.  No, I'm not kidding, you did read that correctly.  How is it that I check the mail twice?  Does our mail run two times a day.  Nope.  I check it first around noonish to see sure enough, we got mail.  Then Sarah and I go back in and get ready for her nap.  Then after her nap, we check it again and sometimes bring it in. Sometimes...why Natalie does that mean that you actually will go to the mailbox not once but twice in one day and not bring it in.  Are you crazy? Are you saving the mail for a potential third trip to the box?  Nope, sometimes if it's nothing but bills and I don't feel like having to sort through them I leave them in the box and then I tell Chris, "I didn't get the mail today."  Not I didn't check the mail, because I did.  I just chose to leave it in the box for him.

So there you have it. Checking the mail--my favorite thing on my daily to do list.

And I'll end this post with the obligatory picture of the cutest Sarah ever.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Commando Crawler

About 2 weeks ago Sarah started commando crawling.  Her biggest inspiration or motivation for this feat was Sophie.  She came in the room, was spotted, and wanted.  Sarah inched her way across the carpet as Sophie pranced just out of her reach.  Now Sarah is quite quick at her commando crawl.  Mobility suites her though.  She loves crawling around her room checking out every corner or pulling out the books I hide under her dressers.  However, I've lost the little bit of freedom I had.  I can't just put her down and run to the restroom real quick.  When I did that, I looked up to see a little girl who had inched her way out of her room, down the hall and was peaking at me in the doorway.

Since she's not up on her knees yet, pictures of her crawling just look like tummy time.  So here's a quick video.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Sad Day

I knew this day would come.  I've been warned by so many friends.  I just didn't know it would come so quickly.

Yep, Sarah's pulling bows off her head.  But only the headband kind right now.  It will be an even sadder day when she pulls the clip in kind out.

The Schwartz's vs the Irrational Fear

Time to unleash some of my crazy.  
Why yes, that's Sophie guarding a pyrex dish turned upside down on my living room floor.

It was about 1:30 and I had just wrestled Sarah for a nap and was sitting on the couch for some WELL EARNED chill time.  I was eating lunch (finally) and watching my guilty pleasure trash tv (The Bachelorette) on Hulu.  When I saw Sophie get very excited about it.  I look over and there it was a giant brown spider with a white thing on its butt.  I ran to the kitchen and processed my options.  Raid?  Well, that stuff stinks and I wasn't quite sure what that white thing was and if it would sprout open and send a swarm of baby spiders after me to kill me.  (Did I mention I have an extreme and irrational fear of spiders?)  So I went with my old classic stand by, cover it with something it can't get out of until Chris comes home to inspect and eliminate.  After covering it and standing in a corner rocking myself for a min, I had to decide whether to tough it out till Chris came home or grab the baby and flee the house.  Sarah was napping and I did consider grabbing her up and putting her in the car and running away but I had no where to go.  So instead I took the hulu to the bedroom and hid in there until she woke up from her nap.  I avoided the living room as best as possible.  After Sarah's nap, I dashed through it only to stop briefly to make sure it was still under the bowl before grabbing her and running back to our bedroom to play in the jumper and on the bed.  

Chris finally came home around 9, determined it wasn't my worst fear (brown recluse) and sprayed some raid under the bowl.

I'm well aware that I'm a bit crazy.  I mean, assuming this thing is only an inch long, I'm still 64 times it's size.  But they give me the heeby-jeebies.  

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 4th of July (a little late, I'm sorry)

Alright, I'm late, give me a break.  We will have another post soon that will explain why I've been leaving you all Schwartzless.

So, on to the 4th of July post.

So we went to the annual Atoka fireworks extravaganza.  And I use that term very loosely.  Though we've lived out here for 4 years, we've only been to it once before and it was so laughable that we never went again.  So when our good friends called and asked us to go, we only went because we really like those friends.  We wound up having a great time, must have been the company because the "show" certainly wasn't any different.
Sarah and her buddy ET.

Here's Chris and Sarah enjoying the fireworks.  So the show is put on by the family that owns the gas station and the firework stand that they put up across the street.  It's basically an advertisement for the fireworks they sell.  And the best part is the "show" is actually watching them run over, light a wick with a punk and then run away.  Good times!

But seriously, they did a nice job this year.  There was a band and bbq and all 3 fire trucks waiting to put one of the guys out if it goes wrong.

Sarah enjoyed the show.  I think this is a good time, she's too young to be scared of them so wasn't even startled at the big booms.  And I love fireworks so I'm hoping she continues to enjoy them too.  
What a party animal!  It was well past her bedtime and she missed a nap that day too.  But she is such a trooper and had a great time playing with her friends and enjoying looking at all the people.

Next stop, a firework show at the redbirds.  I think she'll enjoy playing on the bluff and watching the fireworks they put up.  But then again, that would be REALLY past her bed time.  Maybe a few months from now she'll be ready for that.