Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Veggies--Squash Edition

Now don't be frightened by the title, I don't plan on blogging about each time Sarah tries a new veggie or fruit. I'm not saying I won't end up doing it and by the time she's 5 y'all will be tired of reading about what Sarah had for dinner, I'm just saying I don't PLAN on doing it.

That being said, Sarah tried squash for the first time a few days ago. When we went to the doctor on Tuesday for her check up we got the green light to start giving her food with flavor. (I can only assume rice cereal has none because it looks like something that lacks flavor.) Dr. Catherine said that we had to wait 3 days before introducing a new food. I had no idea this rule is because it would take Sarah 3 days to eat one little thing of squash baby food. And at one point, I only got her to eat it by tricking her and mixing it with rice cereal! I put some squash on the spoon and then scooped some rice cereal so that if she looked (and thought about it) she might think, "hm, I know that white stuff" and then WA-POW squash right behind it. It worked well enough, though near the end she began to distrust me and the spoon so I ended up just giving her spoonfuls of rice cereal that she gobbled up.

So here is the photo documentation of our first encounter with flavored foods.
Yum! It's people food time. And daddy's feeding me...Awesome!

I'm being such a good girl opening wide and not trying to grab the spoon and cram it in my mouth.

Wait a second! WHAT IS THIS STUFF!!! Where's my pasty rice cereal!

And for your viewing pleasure because I've suddenly become addicted to the movie mode on my digital camera.

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