Friday, June 18, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Splash Down

We took Sarah to the outdoor pool at the Y this week.  We've been members at the Y since we moved out to Atoka back in 2006 and I've secretly always looked forward to taking my kid(s) there.  I have appeased this each summer by offering to take friends who have kids so I could pretend and think about how much fun it would be.  So taking Sarah for the first time was a big check off my mommy to do.  Auntie Em was in town and she actually mowed our grass during the 100 degree heat so that Chris could come to the pool with us for Sarah's first trip.  (He was going to mow that evening.)  She enjoyed splashing in the pool, but really liked looking at all the people!

She's trying so hard to sit up on her own but just isn't quite ready yet.  Sometime she can do it for a few seconds but for the most part she needs something or someone sitting behind her for a little support.  She also really wants to start crawling so the next time I look her to the pool she kept flipping on to her belly over my leg that she was leaning on.  But that kept putting her face a little too close to sea level for my comfort.  Speaking of sea level, I'm dreaming of a beach vacation.  Perhaps by the end of the summer when she's 8 months old she'll be big enough to take to the beach.


  1. So cute! She is just so adorable!

    Glad you posted it up on facebook. Now I'll have to "stalk" your blog too:)

  2. LOVE that last picture!! That's how I feel about swimming.