Monday, June 28, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Sophie's Homecoming

Ah, it's good to be home.

Our friend Cameron has the patience of a saint and has secured her spot in heaven after enduring our cat for 7 weeks.  Let me share some of the things Sophie did while she was there.  But first, I must emphasize how much we love our cat and that she really is a good cat.  She sleeps on our bed every night and generally wants to be in the same room as us.  She plays fetch and greats us at the door when we come home.  She really is a nice loving us.  But to others, well, it was a trying time for Cameron.

First, let's start with the anger pooping.  Sophie welcomed herself into Cameron's place by anger pooping just outside the box.  I guess she didn't like the idea of sharing her box with 2 other cats.  But that's not the anger poop I'm talking about.  No, my cat decided she needed to do something to put Cameron's geriatric non-confrontational dog in her place.  So Sophie marched into the kitchen, aimed, and anger pooped in poor Irish's food bowl.  Take that dog.     

Then there was the refusing to eat out of the food bowl the other cats used.  Sophie had to have her own in a separate location.  Brat.

Cameron was treated to the purr then bite your face that Sophie likes to give out.  (However, we actually think this is her way of showing affection.)

But the pièce de résistance, when Sophie crawled up in Cameron's bed at 4 in the morning and barfed on her leg.  Nothing like sharing a hair ball with her temporary mommy.

So welcome home Sophie.  We missed you bunches.  Oh, and while you were gone, Sarah learned what animals are.  Good luck with that!

Sarah's excited to see Sophie, but I don't think the feeling is mutual.


  1. That last picture is AWESOME!! The cat' like great a baby!

  2. that last picture could win you a million dollars in a photo contest!

  3. It was a lucky catch. I think it perfectly summarizes their relationship. Sophie's done pretty good with Sarah. Sarah took a chunk of fur off Sophie today and she didn't complain or anything. She just moved farther away.

  4. OK I was messing around on facebook...which I absolutely never do...and found this. LOVE the pictures. Wish I hadn't found it b/c I'll be looking at Sarah's pics all the time. I was talking with Adam about Sarah on Sunday. I told him that she was working her Sunday dress (b/c he wasn't there) and he started screaming!!! So excited! So let's get together again soon. The lovebirds need each other :)

    Also, We had a tuxedo cat for 6 years b/f Jacob was born. She hated him and anger pooped everywhere. When she peed on his bottles I had to give her to the SPCA. Cried like a baby.

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm glad Sophie has reacted better. She mostly just avoids Sarah. She'll come in her room while we are all in there playing and just sits in the corner. I'm really impressed with how tolerate Sophie is of Sarah because we were truly worried about some anger issues.

  6. Sophie was not all bad...only sometimes. I was just happy to help. I love the picture of Sarah and Sophie!!!