Monday, June 21, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the First Fathers Day

Almost 6 years ago you married me for time and all eternity and I didn't think I could love anyone any more then I loved you that day.  Almost 6 months ago, you made me a mother and I realized just how wrong I was.  Sarah has expanded my love exponentially, and somehow made me love you more.

So my wonderful husband, you've been a father for about 6 months now and here's how you've grown.

You smile all the time even when you are changing the most disgusting poop filled diaper the world has ever seen.  You like to get up and go to work early so that you can come home sooner.  This even included getting to work by 6:30 last semester because of one of your classes.  You are the most adorable father ever and really like it when Sarah and I come up and have lunch with you.  You beam with pride as you show her to your coworkers and proudly say "This is my daughter Sarah."  You've gone from saying you'd never wear a pink dress shirt to gladly donning one to show off your pride about having a little girl.  You really enjoy taking Sarah to the pool, and your favorite thing to do in the evening is go for a family walk.  You just can't seem to get enough of holding her, playing with her, cuddling her, or even just looking at her.  On Saturdays you get up and bring me Sarah to feed her, and then play with her and put her down for her first nap letting me sleep in.  You like picking out hair bows that match Sarah's outfits.  I really think you like picking out what Sarah's going to wear because you enjoy dressing up your little baby doll as much as I do.  Anything that says "Daddy's girl" or something to that effect is your favorite thing for her to wear.  You are amazing, kind, and patient and the best husband and father we could ever have asked for.

Thank you for encouraging and supporting my desire to be a stay at home mom.  Thank you for this beautiful little girl.  Thank you for being an admirable patriarch and wonderful head of our household.  And while I'm not saying I want another one any time soon....I am looking forward to having many more beautiful babies with you and watching you grow even more.

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  1. Thank you sweetheart... If I weren't at work, I'd probably cry.