Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the "Advanced" Baby

What your 6 month old doesn't do this?

First, sorry she's only in her diaper. See, I put her down sitting in front of her music table to play while I picked out an outfit for her 6 month picture and turned around to this. (I tried to video it, but she started playing shy so I'll have to get that some other time.)

Now, since she's my first and I'm prone to be extremely competitive and slightly crazy I'm trying hard NOT to check all the baby sites to see what she should be doing. I try not to ask my friends about what their kid did at such and such month so that I'm not worried if Sarah's not doing this or that. I'm just trying to let her grow as she does and assume everything is normal and on track. 

So we went to the doctor yesterday and she asked the normal developmental check list questions. Is she babbling? Yes, all the time especially in the car or when I give her her Who-doll. Is she passing objects from one hand to another? Um, I'm not sure, I've never noticed. So the doctor hands Sarah one of those popsicle sticks and says put it in the other hand. (This was one of those perfectly timed things that will never happen again.) But just as Dr. Catherine said that sure enough Sarah put it in the other hand. Too funny! So yes apparently she does that. Sarah was sitting up at the time so Dr. Catherine said that was good. Then Sarah grabbed my arms and pulled herself up to stand on the table. I could have scrapped Dr. Catherine's jaw off the table (well not really but her eyes got pretty big) and she said, "well, that's advanced". Is it? I don't know. She's not crawling yet, but she does like to stand up and will pull herself up on just about anything, me, the couch, her music table... Then Dr. Catherine said we look for pulling up around 8 or 9 months. But it seems like Sarah is going to be one of those kids who is an early walker. She may even start walking by 9 months. 

9 MONTHS!!!! I don't know how I feel about that. I mean, it's not like there's anything I can do about it. Sarah's going to do what she wants. I blame Chris, who by the way thinks this is funny since he won't be chasing a 9 month old around the house all day. Ever since she could hold her head up he's been making her stand on his lap. And recently I've caught him trying to help her "walk". I don't know why it bothers me that Sarah may walk so early. I think it's because my mom is from the school of don't let them walk until they are 12 months old and will tell anyone and everyone that she pushed us down if we tried to walk before then. She thinks crawling for longer will help you notice the details in life since you spend more time looking at every little speck in the carpet. I think I just don't want her that mobile yet because she's my little baby girl. I wouldn't mind an early talker. I find myself already saying "use your words!" to her. And I definitely wouldn't mind an early potty trainer (good bye diapers!). But an early walker--it just seems too independent! I just want my little cuddly baby back.


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  1. wow! pulling up at 6 months! watch out world, sarah's ready to get moving!